Dennis Enarson Previews 2020

Dennis Enarson Previews 2020

We recently ranked Dennis Enarson as the number one rider of the past decade. Well, it's 2020 and we've moved on to a brand new one!

Dennis has a lot of exciting things on his horizon. We caught up with for a quick recap of the past ten years and to get some insight on what his future holds. Check it - 


So, we said you were the number one rider over the past ten years. Does that sound accurate to you?

No, not really. Haha! But, I’m flattered.

How uncomfortable did that last question make you?

Not that uncomfortable, really. 

Looking back, what are some of your personal highlights from the past ten years?

My favorite BMX accomplishment so far was getting the MARKIT DVD together and that whole era with my MARKIT family. Also, so stoked that I get to ride a bike that is all my parts that I’ve personally designed. My Haro with Demolition parts - it’s literally my dream bike and it’s a trip that BMXers around the world ride my parts. The traveling I have gotten to do while doing the thing I love is also an unreal thing. I’ve got to see so much of this world just from riding my bike. It’s nuts!


What are some of the low points?

All of the injuries and not getting to be in San Diego all the time. But, I have learned so much about health through my injuries and home will always be there for me when I get back, so I’m not bummed on either. 

Who were a few of your favorite riders from the past ten years?

I love way too many riders and am motivated by so many different styles that there is no way I can narrow it down to a few. 

What advice would Dennis of today give Dennis of 2010?

I would say keep doing exactly what you are doing. I wouldn’t want to change one thing in my life. 

How’s everything going right now?

Really good. Flying home from a fun little weekend vacation up to San Fransisco to hang with Mike Jonas and ride some good cement. 


Tell us about the Vans project you’ve been working on with Rich Forne…

Vans has been amazing enough to let me film a full video part over the course of about a year. Me and Rich are doing a few big trips and bringing a different Vans rider on each trip, so there are going to be some heavy guest clips from some of my favorite riders. We have had official trips for this project to Berlin and Seattle and also spent a month in San Diego already. There’s a trip at the end of the month to Columbia and we are finishing up the video in California and taking a quick trip to Texas. This is the craziest opportunity I have ever been given in my life, so I’m giving my all for it - while at the same time making sure to stay healthy so I don’t have to cut the filming short. 

When do you expect that to be wrapped up?

The plan is to drop it June or July 2020 I think.


What events do you plan on riding in 2020?

The Vans BMX Pro Cups, X Games, Rebel Jam, maybe a FISE. That’s really it unless some other contests come up that look really cool. I’m not trying to over-ride contests this year because I have so much going on with the Vans comps, X Games, this video part, and the new ramp project. But, if there’s something that I can’t turn down, I’ll hit it too. 

You seem to have lost interest in the Olympic side of things. Any regrets there?

Yeah. I hurt my back in Japan and felt like shit and then got a flat tire in France, so I kinda blew it with all that. But, honestly, I’m pretty happy about that bad luck because that opened up some time for this video part and my new ramp. 


Regardless, I know you enjoyed riding the FISE events. Will we see you at any more of those?

Yeah. FISE is sick, so if there are any of those that work out with my schedule, I will go for sure. Those courses and the guys who run FISE are rad. 

What’s the deal with the new backyard build? Is that done yet?

So, I really wanted a new setup to ride and Jason Watts is one of my best friends and happens to be one of the best ramp builders in the world. He stayed with me for a few months and, with the help of Corey Walsh and a bunch of other homies, we made one of the best ramps ever in my opinion. It’s fully finished and is better than we could have ever imagined. So, so happy for this ramp and everything that is going to come with it!

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Will there be a big celebration jam on that this year? The jams in your old backyard were amazing...

I don’t think so. It’s in my parents yard and they are the chillest people ever, but I think the days of having hundreds of people in their yard might have come to an end. We are going to have countless sessions with countless people over this next decade, though, so you can come over whenever and join the good vibes! 

What else in on the horizon in 2020?

Watts, myself, and Christian are going to film a split edit at the ramps and I really am focusing on my health more than ever, so hopefully more consistent riding this year than any other year!

Any words of wisdom for the readers out there?

Find a crew of friends that motivates you to have fun riding, go on adventures together, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks of what you are doing as long as you love it and it keeps you stoked. 

If you get bored of your local spots, save up money and go find that new shit! The world is literally a giant playground if you keep it that way in your head. Also, thanks for the award, Vital! Been a fan since the beginning! 

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