Devon Smillie Bike Check

Treat yourself to an up-close-look at a bike that throws down some of the most technical riding in the entire BMX world. Pay close attention to the pedals, seat, and tires and you might catch something new. This is Devon Smillie's current Flybikes Fuego build!


Frame: Flybikes Fuego 20.7

Fork: Flybikes Volcano

Bars: Flybikes Fuego 4 piece 9”

Grips: Flybikes Devon Grips

Barends: Flybikes

Stem: Eclat Domain Topload

Headset: Eclat 

Cranks: Eclat Onyx 165mm

Bottom Bracket: Eclat 

Sprocket: Eclat AK Guard 25t

Chain: Eclat Half Link

Pedals: Eclat samples. I don’t know the name of them yet, but I’m loving them so far.

Seat: Flybikes Devon Tripod

Front Wheel: Eclat Cortex hub laced to Bondi rim with plastic guards

Rear Wheel: Eclat Cortex hub laced to the Trippin rim with plastic guards

Front Tire: Sample Flybikes Fuego folding tire

Rear Tire: Sample Flybikes Fuego folding tire

Pegs: Eclat Venom 4.5

Weight: Light enough...


Who are your current sponsors?

Weedmaps, Flybikes, Eclat, Etnies, and EVL

When did you build this bike up?

About a month ago.


What version of the Fuego frame is this?

I think we are on the version five or six. 

I’m at the point where we haven’t been changing much with it the past couple of years because I’m loving the current geometry.

Tell us about that new seat...

Still a tripod seat, but with slightly different materials. It's a bit grippier and also a lot softer than the previous ones.




How often do you build up a new bike?

Not too often. Maybe once a year? I like riding the same bike and putting some abuse on it to make sure all of the parts are well tested.

How much PSI do you usually ride in your tires?

With the non-folding tires, I was running 15-20psi, but the folding ones have a bit thinner sidewalls so I’ve bumped it up to 30 recently.

Any other special modifications to your bike?

Bars are cut down to 28”, rear tire is on backwards, plus my Gipsy bag - haha. Other than that, it’s all perfect how it comes.




Do you have any other signature parts in the works you can tell us about?

I think we might start working on something new for Eclat. not much info on it yet to give out...

What's the best thing about your bike?

How it feels. This is the best my bike has ever felt. I love the small, compact geometry for my style of riding. I’m very fortunate to have a company like Fly that works with me on making a product perfectly suited for me.

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