Devon Smillie is Raffling his X Games Bike to Help Animals

'Tis the season, right? If you're Devon Smillie, it certainly is. Devon is raffling off the bike he rode in X Games: Minneapolis, X Games: Sydney, and Battle of Hastings to help animals who lost their homes in the tragic California fires. Check out what he has to say and don't miss out on your chance to possibly win something awesome while helping a great cause.


What made you want to get involved with this particular charity?

I have so much love for animals and, after the wildfires in Ventura, a lot of the domesticated animals were either harmed or left without homes. I hate thinking that these helpless animals were left, but there are plenty of good people out there trying to do what they can to save lives and they need our help.

Do you have any direct connections to the area?

Not really. Just after seeing and hearing all the horror stories of what the fires did, I guess it kinda hit close to home - literally.

This frame is a sample, right? What is it exactly?

Yeah. So, it’s the first sample I had of the green that’s being released for 2019. The geometry is pretty much the same as last year, but it’s always sentimental to me when I get the first color sample. It’s hard to let this one go, but I know it’ll make someone very happy.

How long did you ride the bike for?

I built it up a little before X Games: Minneapolis, so just under six months.

What events did you ride it in?

I rode both X Games: Minneapolis and X Games: Sydney. Also, I went to Vancouver, Canada and Battle of Hastings on it.


Tell us about the setup…

Twenty-one inch toptube and great feeling backend length. Also, has a sample pair of the Fuego four-piece bars. Laced with a set of Eclat wheels, including a LHD freecoaster. Then pretty much the standard Fly and Eclat parts that I run mixed in there. 

What’s second place?

Second gets a brand new set of two-piece Fly Fuego bars with new Devon grips thrown on. All black.

What’s third place?

Brand new set of Fly Fuego tires in white. 2.3".

How can people enter?

Enter by sending a $10 donation to my Venmo - devonsmillie. For international entries, send your $10 donation to my PayPal - Make sure to leave your Instagram name in the notes so I can find you!

How are you going to pick the winner?

For every $10 a person sends, that’s one raffle ticket with their Instagram name on it going into the raffle jar. So if you send $50, your name will go on five tickets! I’m planning to do a livestream on Christmas and I’ll draw the names from the jar then. 

Is there a limit to how many times anyone can enter?


Do animals love you more now after putting this raffle together?

Animals have always loved me, I’m just giving it back.

Any final message to everyone reading this?

I really appreciate everyone who has participated. I’ve had a good amount of entries where people just wanted to donate to the cause and that means a lot to me. Also, thank you to Flybikes and Eclat for giving me bikes and making it a possibility for me to raffle off my old set up.

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