Doeby Hyunh. Photo by Tom Perry.

Chances are you’ve taken notice of a badass young filmer from San Diego that goes by the name of Doeby (and seen a handful of videos he's produced here on Vital). I’ll be honest - I feel like one day he just got really damn good behind the lens. The kid is a natural. Chances are you haven’t taken notice that Doeby has teamed up with some of San Diego’s best riders to work on a full-length project. Not much has been publicly stated about this video, which has been dubbed “Likewise.” We caught up with Doeby to learn as much as possible about this exciting new project.

The crew (plus Ben and Levi Hucke).

How long has the Likewise full-length video been in the works?
We gave birth to the video last summer. It was beautiful.

HD or VX?

VX! VX for life. I enjoy the smell of tapes. I have nothing Against HD, though. I film a good amount of HD and VX every day for different projects. I love both! Suck it.

What riders have been filming for it? Who do you expect to have full sections?
I have been filming with Albert mercado, Gary Young, DeMarcus Paul, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Mariano Santiago, Dirt Ron, Tom Perry, and Jack Acosta. I think i’ts safe to say that all these guys are going to have full sections. Sometimes you can’t include everybody, but thats why we’ll have a section of all the homies!  Feels unreal that I’m filming a video with the with some of my best friends and guys I’ve looked up to growing up. I’m beyond stoked.

How far along in filming are you?
Feels like we just started, but we’ve been filming for a little over a year now.

Hoang Tran. Photo by Dirt Ron.

When do you expect to have the whole project wrapped up by?
I don’t know, honestly. We don’t really have a deadline. But, hopefully before everyone dies? We had a close call in Portland… haha.  Just when everyone gets what they’ve been wanting to get and are stoked on their parts in the video. But, with how productive everyone is, I wouldn’t be surprised if its soon

I’m sure most of this is being filmed around San Diego. Where else have you guys been?
Yeah, the majority of it has been filmed in our hometown of San Diego, but we take little trips here and there in California. We recently came back from a trip in Portland, though! It was awesome. Everyone killed it! We plan to go more places soon.

Are you planning on releasing physical copies of the video or doing an online release?
Yeah, I’m all about the physical copies. Be cool to have something I can throw at someone in the future, haha. Hard copies definitely have more sentimental value to me. Too soon to say, but I’d like to do both! Either or... BMX DVDs should never die down.

Gary Young. Photo by Dirt Ron.

Who is stacking the best stuff so far?
Everyone has been killing it so far, honestly. Beyond stoked on how everything is going, but all I can say is Dirt Ron can take a beating!

You’re always on your film hustle. How are you balancing out the other projects you work on with Likewise?

Yeah, I try to be as productive as possible. I pretty much love film every day. All the San Diego dudes are awesome! It’s been hard trying to balance Likewise with the other projects I’ve been working on, but it all seems to work out. Definitely makes it easier that mostly everyone lives in San Diego, so when I’m home, I’m most likely filming for Likewise.

Albert Mercado. Photo by Dirt Ron.

Where can we stay updated on what you and the crew are up to?
You can follow me @DOEBY or @LIKEWISEDVD on Instagram!

Along with all the guys, if you already aren’t -
Albert Mercado - @ALBERTMERCATO
Mariano Santiago - @MARIANOSANTIAGO
Gary Young - @GARYBYOUNG
Hoang Tran - @HOANG69
Kyle Hart - @KYLEFART
Demarcus Paul - @DEMARCUSPAUL
Dirt Ron - @DIRTRON69
Jack Acosta - @JACKACOSTA

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