Text & Photos: Sam Adams
Video: Kyle Carlson

Double Ditch Jam 06’


Click any photo to see our entire Double Ditch Photo Album, and make sure to click the video link, too. It is incredible.



With a record-breaking monsoon season on the books and nonstop rain for weeks, I didn’t have much hope for this year’s third annual Mexican Bikes Double Ditch Jam in Albuquerque, NM. Luckily it didn’t rain a single drop the day of the jam, which made for some good times and great riding. Every year on the night before the jam some new additions are made to the ditch, and this year was no different; fence post for a high jump/ limbo contest, a handrail slanted up across the gap, a wallride, and some random little quarterpipe that ultimately had to be destroyed after hucking some kid about 40 feet.

Matt Gannon won the high-jump competition just barely beating out Jarrod Allen. Both of them have mad hop, but Gannon had it going for him that day. For the Best Trick contest on the rail, it was all over the board. I don’t think anyone really won, but it was definitely a split between the Reno riders, Schwinn, and Tennessee Kevin. Schwinn threw down both a Smith up the rail as well as a double-tire ride up it. Tennessee Kevin’s 180-to-double-peg down the rail-to-fakie down the ditch bank took him some tries but he finally got it. Another standout on the rail was Mario Gonzales who icepicked up the rail, which earned him a nice new set of bars to replace his that were completely bent to the side.

Matt Gannon boost

Some other highlights include Jake Honesto’s wallride-to-truck, Joe Poison’s shady kicker ramp flip over the channel, and last but not least, O’Doyle, who probably should have died when he launched himself off of the shady kicker ramp into the end of the ditch. After watching that, I think everyone was ready to chill out for a bit and call it a day. All in all always a great time at Double Ditch and hopefully it won’t be the last.



The video from this jam is crazy, so make sure you check it out. The bail at the end is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen—I don’t know how he survived.




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