Drew Bezanson Tears ACL at X Games

In arguably the most unfortunate event of X Games 2017, BMX powerhouse Drew Bezanson went down hard in park practice and ended up with a pretty nasty knee injury that kept him out of the contest and will keep him off of his bike for the foreseeable future. We caught up with Drew to get all of the details and see what his future holds - 


I know you went down during park practice at X Games. What exactly happened?

It was honestly a fluke, I was just finishing up the last park practice on Friday night. I thought I would just start dropping in random places to see where it lead me to figure out some possible last-minute lines. I ended up at the viking ship and made a quick decision to just alley-oop 360 the box jump out of the bowl corner a bit. My back wheel caught on the coping and my bike stayed. I went floating past the landing and, since I was spin, landed awkwardly and there went my knee. 

Sounds like a bit of a “worst-case scenario” type of situation. Would you agree?

I would definitely agree. It was a rough month. I slammed on my backyard ramp pretty bad three weeks before X Games, then the first day of practice at X Games, I fell and broke a helmet and hit my left knee. Then the right knee was the final straw. 

What was the official diagnosis?

Thankfully, because of the amazing medical staff at X Games and the Minnesota Vikings, I was able to get in for an MRI right away. Later that night I got the results and found out I fully tore my ACL, partly tore my Meniscus, and bone bruised my femur. 

Do you have surgery scheduled yet?

At this moment I don't have a surgery scheduled, but should early next week. It's either going to be in LA or here in Canada - just waiting to see who has the earliest availability.   

Do you have an estimated amount of downtime? 

I honestly don't know with the knee. I believe it could be three-to-six months. With getting the surgery right away, I'm hoping the leg will be able to stay strong and shorten the recovery time. 

I'm not going to rush it. I'm going to make sure it’s good and strong, so when I get back on the bike I can ride the way I want. 

You’ve been right on the cusp of an X Games gold many times. How were you feeling going into this year?

Thanks man. X Games is a whole other animal when it comes to contests. There have been a few years where I've felt it could be the year, but just a few minor slip ups kept me from the top step. Going into this year, I felt like I had a few decent lines figured out, but nothing I was super psyched on. After watching finals, I realized that course was just hard to do big lines on. 

How are you holding up mentally? This is a rough one…

Injuries are always an emotional roller coaster, but I'm trying to stay positive. I'm trying to see the silver lining in it. I've had enough injuries now that I know everything will be ok and I can come back stronger. I look at BMX in a whole different way when I can't physically ride. My brain is just constantly thinking of new and different ideas I can do once I get back on my bike.   

What is your recovery going to consist of?

I believe I'll be able to start rehab pretty soon after surgery. Once I get the swelling under control, I should be able to get back on a spin bike pretty quick and work on getting my range of motion back. Then, thanks to Red Bull, I will be heading out to Vancouver for a bit to spend some time at a rehab clinic to get the knee strong again.


Do you have any activities lined up to keep you sane?

Right down the road from my house, there is a little airport with a sign out front that says ''Want to learn how to fly?'' I'm going to pop in and see what the process looks like to get a pilot license. Other than that, just going to try and keep the mind busy with reading some new books.  

I know you’ve got at least one video wrapped up that you’re waiting to drop. Do you have an ETA on that?

I have a Welcome to Maxxis edit done that I filmed with Dan Foley. I don't have an ETA on when it will be dropping just yet. Hopefully it will come out shortly. 


Before all of this nonsense, how was riding your new backyard ramp?

The backyard ramp is amazing! I barely even filmed anything on it - I just rode nonstop, just like when I was a little kid. I already have a full phase two design for next year as well - haha! A lot more fun things are going to happen back there. Lots of ideas for random little add ons and backyard BBQ jams. 

Anything you’d like to add?

Thank you for reading and thank you to all my sponsors, friends, and fans that stick behind me during the lows. It really means a lot!

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