E-FISE 2020 Finals - Vital Picks

The final street and park videos for the digital version of FISE: Montpellier are live! We strongly encourage you to go watch all of the videos and vote for your favorites. The riders really threw down and there is a ton of incredible riding for you to check out!

Voting is open until the 20th. The winners will be picked by 50% judges' votes and 50% fan votes, so let your voice be heard!

Here are our picks. There's absolutely nothing official about this, but check 'em out and feel free to tell us what you think!

BONUS: We caught up with Daniel Dhers to discuss our picks and hear his. Watch this - 


Men's Park - Kevin Peraza


This video is gooooooood. Kevin shows an awesome variety of big tricks (alleyoop flairwhip), technical combos (360 to nose manual to 360), and overall originality (360 downside whip to can can) in a very short amount of time. The video quality is on point and Kevin clearly put a lot of time and effort into bringing this to life. I was pretty torn between this and Logan Martin's video - which is essentially back-to-back-to-back park bangers - but the better video quality and overall feel of this piece make it our pick. Also, side-note, Kevin had an incredible video in the street contest as well. Talk about working overtime...

Women's Park - Hannah Roberts


I hate that this video is vertical and I hate footage from that weird camera that Nyquist uses, but there's absolutely no denying that Hannah has pushed women's park riding to the next level. Double tailwhips, triple barspins, a backflip barspin transfer - this is absolutely wild. I personally enjoyed Nikita Ducarroz's video more, but the riding just isn't at the same level as Hannah's. She has clearly been making the most of her travel-free year and this video takes it.

Men's Street - Garrett Reynolds


This one was tough. I changed my pick four different ways, but have officially settled on the GOAT. Garrett opens things up with possibly the best up-rail to hard 360 turndown I've ever seen and, from there, it's on. From high-speed bangers to precise tech combos, Garrett really shows how dialed he is at all types of street riding in this piece. To be completely honest, I didn't think there was any chance of Garrett entering this contest. Well, he did, and it's epic. Fresh off a big win in X Games Real BMX, I think he's about to take home another top spot.

Women's Street - Anahi Arevalo


There are four videos in this contest, but Anahi Arevalo and Angie Marino clearly stand out as the frontrunners and the win could go either way. Anahi's video is a bit more raw than Angie's, but they both do some similar things. I really like that Anahi grinds on both sides. Angie has four pegs on, but we never see her use her opposite side. Both ladies ended with big feebles down stairs. Anahi's was burlier, but Angie's was a cleaner. There's no wrong choice between the two of them, but the opposite grinds make me lean toward the Ecuadorian. 

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