E-FISE - Vital BMX's Top 3

All of the pro park entries for the digital version of FISE: Montpellier have officially been submitted and we’ve got a plethora of heavy hitters to check out. These are our top three, but we’re not official judges and this is only the first round. We strongly encourage that you visit the event’s homepage, watch all of the videos, and place a vote for your favorite! The top eight - which will be announced August 10th - move on to the final round and have the option to submit another video. 

For more details on the event and the overall format, check out our interview with FISE Sport Organizer Johan Berthonneau.


*Our picks are in no particular order!


Irek Rizaev


A lot of riders who entered - far too many, in my opinion - tried to get creative and include a few elements from actual FISE events. Well, Irek took this concept to the next level, made it cool, and shut everyone else who tried to go with any sort of similar theme down entirely. This video is well-made, hilarious, and packed full of amazing riding. I would have liked to see a bit more riding in the mix, but still, Irek can’t be denied. This video rules.

Jaden Chipman


Jaden really went in for this one and I feel like it’s the best collection of riding we’ve ever seen from him. I knew this kid was good, but it turns out he’s really, really, really, incredibly, ridiculously good. The video is apparently supposed to have some sort of “isolation” theme - which really didn’t add anything to it, in my opinion - but I had forgotten all about that by the second or third trick. I could start listing some of the bangers, but just press play.

Jake Leiva


I’ve long said that Jake Leiva is one of the most underrated riders in the BMX game and he proved it once again with his entry for the first ever E-FISE event. What makes Jake special is his ridiculous balance of tech moves and big tricks. This video has plenty of both. A number of years ago Jake won our Game fo BIKE event at this park and it looks like he’s still the king of the castle. I’m not sure how he could one-up this one for the finals, but I certainly expect to see him there!


Natalya Diehm


While I said that these videos are in no particular order, I’m going to have to break that code here and admit that I think Natalya had the best video out of all the ladies. Natalya’s combination of well-thought-out lines combined with big tricks makes this an incredibly impressive piece of women’s BMX. Also, that hang nothing was completely unexpected! I think this type of contest really gives Natalya the opportunity to shine - more so, perhaps, than even a traditional “live event.”

Nikita Ducarroz


For me, this video is all about lines. Nikita doesn’t do the biggest tricks in this (though there are plenty of good ones), but she obviously put some thought into everything she filmed. The truckdriver out to 180 fastplant in at OB and the final line at Pat Casey’s ramp really stand out. There has been a huge amount of progression in Nikita’s riding over the past year and it’s great to see her utilizing it.

Lizsurley Villegas


I think we’re all just counting the days until these young Columbian girls take over the world. Queensaray - Lizsurley’s twin sister - also submitted a really good video for this competition, but Lizsurley’s is my pick. It's clear that Lizsurley has put a lot of focus on putting runs together. She nails a bunch of solid tricks back-to-back and makes them all look good. I don't love the flyout tricks in here - I really think her skills are beyond that - but it's a damn good sample of her riding nonetheless. Lizsurley has an awesome story and is really starting to live up to her potential!

Well, there ya have it. These are our picks, Visit their site, watch all of the videos, and vote for your favorite! Do your part to make sure the best riders get voted into the finals so we can see a bunch of top-notch new videos in a few weeks!

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