Elevation 2006 Photos & Text by Justin Kosman 

In 2005, Elevation lived up to the much-anticipated hype as the best dirt jumping contest ever. One year later the jumps weren’t any less scary and the riders went just as crazy on the massive, downhill dirt jumps in Whistler, British Columbia. Welcome to Red Bull Elevation.

 Aside from the intimidating course, Elevation is a place where BMX meets wealth, luxury, and best of all, women. Whistler is a hot vacation spot for Vancouver residents and it seems like more than anything the mountain town draws gorgeous women to its peaks. Not a bad incentive if you need another reason to ride the best contest jumps in the world.

Anthony Napolitan front flip tablePractice was slow as usual with the riders getting used to the steep course and fast turns. Tricks slowly started busting out and before the photographers could set up, guys like Luke Parslow and James Foster were backflipping and tailwhipping the steep hip on the top section and the trail dogs like TJ Lavin, KC Badger, and Darrin Read where clicking stylish lookbacks and inverts all day.

But that was just the appetizer; the main course was still to come as the riders warmed up tot he big downhill doubles before the bermzilla. Chris Doyle made quick work of the huge left-to-right transfer line with a floating alley-oop 360 and Hail Mary tailwhip transfer as well. Mike Clark was dumping his nosedived 360s to an impossible degree and Brian Foster was going to the moon on his 360-tabletops before roosting through the berm and aggravating the grounds crew who had spent a month manicuring the mammoth course.

It was the bottom of the course that drew the most attention. Being the weekend of Canada Day, Whistler Village was packed with canucks ready for a show and they definitely got their money’s worth. Nyquist threw down a big 720 over the last set and Corey Bohan had a different backflip variation for every run. Luke Parslow set the crowd into hysterics with a backflip-tailwhip and a huge front flip in the finals. Anthony Napolitan came out with his usual no-hander-front flip and double-tailwhips.

When the dust settled and the beer was all drank, Bohan was on the top of the podium with Parslow and Nyquist rounding out the top three. But the event wasn’t over—Red Bull whisked all the athletes up the mountain for a private party at the peak of Whistler mountain with a 20 minute gondola ride at sunset up to a full throttle private party and some very friendly Red Bull girls serving drinks. Lets just say that Corey Bohan wasn’t the only one who walked away a winner that night.

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