We thought we'd put together another Essentials article for you after the last article was well received. So here are five more essentials to have on your bike and in your bag.

Subrosa Bar Ends

Bar Ends - I can't stress enough how important bar ends are. I have seen and heard of so many nasty stories involving bars impaling stomachs, puncturing skin, and the worst of all? Tearing someones scrotum open. Do you want to be hobbling around with your testicles in your hands? -http://www.bmx-shop.com/subrosa-nylon-bar-ends.html

Colony Coaster Guards

Hub Guards - So you've just spend £250 on a brand new set of hubs in the most eye catching colour, with all the bells and whistles. So why not spend an extra £30-£50 on a set of compatible hub guards? If you ride pegs it is a must have, it protects your hubs, helps you lock in stalls and grinds, and nine times out of ten they are barely noticeable.http://www.bmx-shop.com/colony-freecoaster-rear-hubguard.html

ProTec Chase Hawk Helmet

Helmet - Regardless of whether you think riding a helmet is cool or not, you should own one. It’s then your choice to wear it. If a rider like Alex Donnachie is respected and admired by the masses for his insane street riding skills and the fact he wears a helmet, no one should be put off wearing one.http://www.bmx-shop.com/protection/helmets.html

Headset Spacers

Headset spacers - This is a spare which always comes in handy, whether you change up your forks, buy a new stem, put a gyro on or take one off, or even if your mate just needs one. They’re cheap and everyone needs one at some point.http://www.bmx-shop.com/blank-replacement-5mm-headset-spacer-sold-in-singles.html

Blank Select Bolts Kit

Spare nuts and bolts - Everyone has stripped the thread of a nut, people snap stem bolts, so why not get a spare set? Really handy in those unfortunate situations.http://www.bmx-shop.com/blank-select-bolt-kit.html

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