We are back with more essential products we think you should own. This feature is proudly presented by BMX-Shop.com.

Vocal DRS bottom bracket - If you have ever done a tailwhip and had the cranks spin on you, you know it can end badly. The Vocal DRS sprocket allows you to tighten your bottom bracket in a simple way. This means you do not need to run a super tight chain.


Fuse Pads - These pads are the favourite of many pros and as there is nothing worse than shinning yourself, you better get some.


KHE Folding Tyres - Park riders are always trying to get their hands on these tyres. They are now back in stock and are extremely fast and lightweight.


Shadow Disaster Guard - If you do crank arm grinds or ride street in general you know your sprocket is always getting bashed when learning new things. Get this bolt on guard for your sprocket and save your chain from abuse. http://www.bmx-shop.com/shadow-conspiracy-disaster-sprocket-guard.html

Bone Deth Vibrator Seat - Every bike needs a bit of personality so why not get yourself this Bone Deth Vibrator seat. This will have everyone looking. http://www.bmx-shop.com/bone-deth-vibrator-mid-pivotal-seat.html

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