Five Ams to Watch in 2019

Welcome to 2019 - a futuristic world where certain amateurs seem to have super powers that many of the BMX universe's favorite pros don't even possess!

It's a war zone out there and these are five ams that you're going to want on your side this year. Don't get too comfortable though - they probably won't be ams for long...

Ben Allen - Sunday


An Austin, Texas local whose tires seem magnetized to round rails. Seeing as how Ben lives in Sunday's hometown and is really stupidly good, expect to see plenty of fire popping up from him in the coming months. 

Jayden Mucha - Kink


This footage isn't exactly recent and, truthfully, I've yet to see a video that does Jayden's skills justice. Chances are you saw him blasting at Nitro World Games or the Vans BMX Pro Cup in 2018. He made a huge impression on everyone in attendance and marked his territory as one of the best up-and-coming ramp riders in the game. Bright future.

Alex Leibrock - Haro


Alex has been living at Woodward, but he certainly isn't your standard park rat. Alex brings top-notch skills to the table and combines them with a beautiful mix of creativity and burliness. He started to travel a bit in 2018 and seems to have been bitten by the bug. Expect to see him in a lot more exotic locations in 2019.

Jarren Barboza - Volume


When you live in a city like San Diego, it's pretty damn hard to stand out. Jarren stands out. He's an absolute beast on his bike and recently earned himself a signature frame colorway over at Volume. Is a promotion to the pro ranks looming in 2019? That seems like the next logical step, right?

Lewis Mills - Fiend


Lewis took second at X Games: Sydney. Garrett Reynolds took third. Let that sink in. He's a whole lot more than just a contest rider, but that rare accolade never hurt anyone. I'm sure that performance earned Lewis a spot in X Games: Minneapolis. He's also getting hooked up by Vans and Éclat, so that's some solid support. I will be shocked if Lewis Mills ends 2019 as an amateur. He really is THAT good.

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