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Take an up-close look at Mongoose pro Greg Illingworth's personal ride! Greg changes the dimensions of his custom frames based on what he's into riding at the time, so you know there's deep thought behind every part he straps to it. This new one is built with big jumps and deep bowls in mind...


Frame: Mongoose - Custom 

Fork: S&M Widemouth

Bars: Mutiny Villij - 8.7", cut to 27" wide

Grips: Credence

Barends: Credence

Stem: Profile Mulville Push - 52mm

Headset: Something...

Cranks: Profile - no boss, 22mm, spline drive

Bottom Bracket: Profile - mid, 22mm 

Sprocket: Profile Galaxy - 28t

Chain: Fly - Tractor 

Pedals: Fly - Ruben alloy

Seat: Profile Logo - Pivotol 

Front Wheel: Profile Mini 36h, BSD spokes, Odyssey 7KA rim

Rear Wheel:  Profile Mini 36h, 9t, LSD, BSD spokes, Odyssey 7KA rim

Front Tire: Tall Order Wallride - 2.35"

Rear Tire: Tall Order Wallride - 2.35"

Weight: Pretty light...


Who are your current sponsors?

Mongoose, Profile, Vans, Break Fluid Coffee

When did you build this bike up?

I built this one up about two weeks ago now. The frame, forks, chain, and grips were new. Everything else was around six-months-old.

Give us a rundown on the specs of the frame and why you chose them...

21.05” top tube, 13.75” chain stay when slammed, 74.5° head tube angle, 8.5” standover, 11.61” bottom bracket height, removable brake mounts on the chain stay. This frame is basically just a little longer on the front and the backend compared to my last one. I’ve been riding mostly trails lately and the jumps are getting bigger with each dig. I was finding my old frame a bit too twitchy on the bigger, faster jumps and in deep bowls. This one already feels a lot better for the way I’m riding at the moment. In fact, the next frame will probably go up again a little in size. 




Who build this frame?

Ted James.

This isn't your first frame from Ted. Do you always switch up the specs?

Yeah. I switch them up every time. My riding and the things I ride change periodically depending on what I’m feeling or the weather, so I usually pick geometry accordingly.

What do you call this color?





How often do you build up a new bike?

It’s very rare that I build a completely new bike. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I even did that. I usually ride one frame a year, more-or-less. Everything else get replaced when it needs to. The bottom bracket goes with the frame. The headset gets changed about every six months. The chain gets replaced with the frame or the sprocket. Tires average around six months. Grips get changed whenever... 

Do you change parts regularly or is this basically your ideal setup?

I have been going through changes over the last year-or-two, but I’m really happy with everything on there right now. I can’t see much changing for a while. Except, of course, that I’m going to test brakes out at some point soon.

When is the last time you rode brakes?

I took brakes off for good in 2003. I tried them again for a week or so somewhere around 2008 or 2009. I hated it. Hahaha!

What about pegs?

For sure. I've ridden pegs most of my life. I've often take short breaks from pegs, but right now, they've been off for a good six months. I have no intention of putting them back on anytime soon.


How good are you at working on your bike?

I’ve worked on bikes and my bike my entire life. I can pretty much do anything needed for a BMX - including building wheels - if I need to. 

What's the best thing about your bike?

Riding it.

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