Aside from disappearing planes and a FISE event that didn’t quite happen, we haven’t heard a whole lot about Malaysia lately. Haro team manager Colin Mackay rounded up four team riders and headed that way in search of adventure, good riding, and good times. We reached out to Colin to learn why the Haro dudes are going to Malaysia, what their plans and expectations are, when we can expect to see the footage, and how riders can meet up with the crew.

The crew (minus Matthias) on the long road to Malaysia.

So, why Malaysia?
My friend William who helps run FISE wanted us over for the Montpelier, France stop, but our boys were busy at that time. The FISE global campaign looked pretty cool, so we decided on hitting the Malaysia stop and doing a little trip while we were there. Anyway, FISE got cancelled or postponed and I already had booked flight tickets. I thought we may as well go for it and see what happens!

What Haro riders are joining you on the trip?
I had to narrow down four riders from our super elite team. The boys will be filming with Chistian Rigal, so I selected MARKIT boys who all are into the same stuff and ride together often. Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray are our new kids this year, so it was time to get them on the road. Matthias is just a top guy to have around and can ride anything well. Dennis Enarson is a boss. We all know that already.

What was your first impression of Malaysia?
I went for the first time in 2002 and went each year until 2004. Three years of Asian X-Games was why I went and I remember it being incredibly hot and raining daily, but a beautiful country I wanted to see more of. This trip, we will get out of the city and see what this country has to offer.

Huffy ad from 2003 featuring Colin riding in Malaysia. Photos by Steve Buddendeck.

What’s the riding scene like over there?
There's stuff to ride all over the world. I googled Malaysia and found a few really good parks, at least. I found a few videos with ok street spots. I'm sure the crew will have their eyes wide open searching for fun stuff to hit.

There definitely aren’t a whole lot of international pros heading over that way. Is this as big of a deal for the locals as I’m assuming it is?
I came across a site searching for stuff and become interested in one site and messaged Shahrul Reezwan, who's the guy running it. KayuhBMX is a blog for the Malaysian locals to keep up with what's going on in their country. They have a tight scene, whether you ride flat, dirt, street, or whatever. They all stick together. I was originally determined to make our own trip up, but Shahrul is going to show us the spots. Finding a local guide has already made this trip pretty dialed!

Are you guys bringing a video guy?
For sure. Christian Rigal got the job. Love his work and he is close friends with our crew, so that makes things easy. Look for a trip video soon..

What are your expectations for the trip?
It's partly an excuse to get some of the Haro crew together again and, when you do, things happen naturally. Christian will capture video and I'll be on photo duties. Really looking forward to the trip!

When can we expect to see coverage from the trip?
Video will be within a month or two, for sure. Photos, keep an eye on @harobmx and

If any Malaysian riders want to meet up, what should they do?
We have a open invite jam on Saturday at 4pm at Shah Alam park in Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, we'll be searching and doing our own thing to work on the video part. It will be super lifestyle based. We basically have five days, so I'm not stressing the boys on filming dead man stuff. Let's just see what happens! Our latest Haro brand campaign is "Destinations" and we'll be touching on all the weird and wonderful places our BMX bikes take us throughout the year. Malaysia sounds very interesting and we hope to help put the place on the BMX map.

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