Total BMX has been all over the news the past two weeks - and most of it has been negative. Daniel Sandoval, Kostya Andreev, Todd Meyn, and Victor Peraza all parted ways with the brand, leaving the BMX world wondering what exactly is going on with arguably the best team of park riders in the game. We caught up with Total BMX bossman Ronnie Remo and the riders who recently departed to get some insight. Read below and hopefully your questions will be answered.

How’s everything going out your way?

Good, thanks. Just a little cold, but spring is coming soon!

It’s no secret there have been some shakeups in the team as of recent. What can you say about the following guys parting ways?

Daniel Sandoval - 

As you know, Daniel has been a huge part of our brand’s journey since almost day one. We watched him progress to become one of the best and most consistent park and dirt riders in the world, winning many competitions - including X Games. We are very proud of what he did while riding for our brand.

We had negotiated a new contract for 2017 and Daniel was ready to sign, but between us both, we felt that maybe a change would be good for Daniel and Total. Change is good and breeds motivation and creativity. And, where one journey ends, another begins. We are so stoked with what Daniel has achieved and all the memories we built together. We, of course, remain good friends.

Kostya Andreev - 

In some ways, we are a victim of our own success. We attract a lot of the best riders in the park scene, but ultimately a rider own brand can only support so many riders and we were unable to fulfill what Kostya needed for 2017 as he has progressed. As riders progress, of course, they want and deserve more, but a core rider-owned brand can only sustain a certain number of pros. We have a very large team to support already and we invest a very big percentage of our turnover on riders and their needs. There are so many amazing riders in the park scene without paying sponsors. That’s the state of the market currently and we can’t do it all alone.

Todd Meyn -

Todd has been away from the competition and general BMX scene for a few years now, riding the Nitro Circus tours. Todd was the longest standing member of the team, outside of Mark Webb and Alex Coleborn. Todd is an incredible rider and great friend, but we were unable to support him beyond free equipment. Nitro is awesome but it is not really a target audience for us. The type of people who attend Nitro shows will most likely go and buy a department store bike rather than a high-end, custom BMX setup. I have to spend our budget where I think it is best for the brand and the team riders out there in the core scene who are hitting up events and dropping fresh edits.

Victor Peraza -  

Victor is such an amazing rider and a great kid. I think ultimately he wanted to be riding Kevin’s frame to support his brother. I think you will see big things from him in the future and we wish him all the best.

Is everything still running smoothly on your end? It’s pretty rare to see so many riders part with such an established brand in such a short timeframe… 

On the face of it, it looks dramatic to see a few riders go out and one in, but when I list the current team below you will see that we probably still have a bigger team than 99% of BMX brands -  especially rider-owned ones. I honestly wanted to streamline the team a bit and get it a bit tighter, as it was getting out of control and I want the riders to be passionate about their riding and want to push themselves forward with our brand. I would rather support a few riders correctly, than loads half-assed. I could probably still split the team in half and make two amazing pro teams for two brands. It’s a big team and we commit more than most do to supporting riders because we are riders.

What’s happening with all of Daniel Sandoval’s signature products? 

There are not too many of them left in circulation,. Once they’re gone, they will be gone forever. The Sandstorm frame is popular so, if you want one, I suggest get one quick because that’s going to be the end of an era for the Sandstorm line. 

I saw Brock Horneman has officially been added to the pro team. Any comment on that? 

I have long admired Brock’s riding and attitude. He works hard on his social media and gets out to events and kills it. I had been loosely supporting him over the last year and was able to do a bit more for him in 2017. I am really stoked to add him and bolster our presence in Australia.

Can we expect any other team additions? 

I would not expect any additions going forward in 2017 - unless we discovered another Alex Coleborn type genius hidden from view on a remote Island like he was… Haha!

Can we expect any other team departures? 

I am personally happy with the team and don’t expect or wish anyone else to leave. 

Any new products you can announce at the moment? 

Coming in early summer, we have so many new things. We have worked super hard to freshen up the product line. You will be hearing more about all of these in the coming weeks and months. But, we are really excited about a lot of the product added to the signature lines.

In 2017, what’s Total’s main focus? 

We have been working really hard on the new product lines and on how we operate in the UK -  changing distributors to a rider owned one we have admired for some time - Seventies. We have heavily invested in both areas. We will continue to support BMX at a local and jam level, as we always have done. Planning is underway for a couple of team trips between all of the other rider commitments - one tour in the UK and one in Australia. If time allows it, maybe we can hit the USA. We’d love that. The riders will be hitting up all of the usual events and it seems there are more this year, which is a great sign. 

Also, some breaking news for you, we have just worked out a deal to have Kyle Baldock running our operation in Australia. He will be bringing in the full range of Total products and running distribution starting around June. It is great to offer a rider an opportunity and we know Kyle cares deeply about Total and his Killabee line of parts. We know he will do a great job for us and we - as riders - will always prefer to offer riders the opportunity first.

As of today, who is the Total BMX team? 

Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Kyle Baldock, Nick Bruce, Colton Walker, Irek Rizaev, Brock Horneman, James Jones, Joel Bondu, Chance Brejnakowski, Kaden Stone, Rob Armour, and Konrad Szabo. As you can see everything, is good at Total!

Anything you care to add? 

Lets make BMX pop again in 2017. Anything you can do - wether it is getting out on your bike and riding, putting on or supporting a jam at your local, or simply sharing an edit on social media. Grab a friend who quit riding and get him out on his bike again. BMX is awesome. Let’s make that known.

Statements from the Riders

Daniel Sandoval - 

Being on Total BMX has been a wonderful experience. But, with wonderful experiences come some hardships. For over the past five years, Total BMX hasn’t only made an impact on me, but others in the BMX community. I’ve learned the meaning of family and what it feels like to have signature products. But, within having my signature products, the family essence began to intertwine with financials. I, instead, felt like an investment for the brand based on the sales I was making, rather than who I was as family and what I helped the brand conquer along the way. It was a difficult decision for me to leave the brand, but in the situation, I’d rather find new beginnings. I want to thank Remo for letting me be a part of the brand and for all that he has done for me these past five years.

Kostya Andreev -

(We haven’t yet heard back from Kostya, so this is the statement he posted on social media)

I took a decision to leave Total BMX before the Simple Session finals last weekend. I simply didn’t have time to announce this due to my hectic schedule there. So, now it’s official. I don’t ride for Total BMX anymore. I would like to say huge thank you to Ronnie Remo for taking care of me over the past couple of years and good luck.

Todd Meyn - 

I would like to start by saying thanks tot Total BMX for supporting me over the last eight years - Mark Webb especially for helping me in the early stages of my career and making me a part of the team before Total BMX was a dominating brand in the BMX market. My favorite thing about Total was that it was such a close family and we were known as a family, not just a team.

As Total grew, things started to shift and, to me, the family and core values changed. As I started riding less contests and doing more Nitro Circus shows, it was as if I didn’t matter anymore and I soon was made to feel as if I wasn’t even a part of the team. After a year or two of hoping things would change, I realized things had changed permanently and it was time to move on.

Finally, I would like to thank Remo and Mark for letting me be a part of what I think is one of the best BMX brands in the market, without a doubt. It’s unfortunate things ended the way they did. I wish them nothing but huge success in the future years and once again thank them for everything they have done for me.

Victor Peraza - 

I felt like quitting Total BMX because it felt like it wasn’t really a sponsor for me - it felt more like a hookup. I’m stoked I got to be a part of it, but I just needed to move on. I love the company and all, but I feel like my riding style just doesn’t fit into the Total BMX riding style. 

There you have it. While a few of the riders site the diminishing of Total's "family" vibe, it's clear the team is still stacked and the brand continues to move forward. Stay tuned to for more information on Total BMX's future and any sponsorship news on these riders.
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