How to Get Your Video on the Homepage 3

We’ve been getting a lot of email asking how you can get your video on the homepage of Vital BMX, so here are the steps to take.

Step 1: Make a video, and keep the quality in mind. You should have a good idea of the level of riding needed to hit the homepage, so make sure your video measures up with the riding, or some kind of fun content that you think people will want to see.

Step 2: Upload the video to Vital BMX. Yes, we occasionally embed videos from other video hosting sites, but your chances of hitting the homepage are much better if you upload it to Vital. The upload process is really easy, and if you’re saying you can’t upload because you don’t have a Vital account, make one! It’s free and takes about nine seconds.

Step 3: Let us know about the video. Shoot over a quick email ( with a link to the video and the reason it should be on the homepage. Or get people talking about it in the Comments and Forums, and believe me, we will notice.

That’s it. It’s a pretty simple process, so get on it. The homepage of Vital BMX is as much for the Vital Community as it is for us, so get on it. Keep in mind this is for the “Spotlight B” section. Getting a video in the main feature window is a little more involved (graphics, cleared music, etc.), but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you think you’ve got something that deserves that spot, send us a quick sample and we’ll see what we can do.

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Losey Losey 1/23/2009 9:17 AM

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