Greg Illingworth Introduces the Mongoose Am Jam

The Mongoose Jam has been a staple in the BMX world for the past number of years. The event has gone through a few evolutions and, for 2019, it's about to experience another. 

The Mongoose Jam is now officially The Mongoose Am Jam and is set to focus on developing up-and-coming riders. The inaugural Jam will take place at Source Park in Hastings, UK on May 18th. An additional Jam is expected to take place in Tucson, Arizona later this year. 

Here's what Leigh Ramsdell - Mongoose BMX team manager - had to say about this big change - 

"The Mongoose Am Jam is the next evolution of our events. While the Mongoose Jams have always had an amateur element, the Am Jam is more focused on up-and-coming riders to help grow the sport. Our athletes will all be there checking out the new riders and offering up any advice to advance their riding. We're super pumped to bring a jam to Source Park and create some excitement for BMX in the UK!"

Mongoose pro Greg Illingworth calls Hastings home and is taking on the unofficial role of host for the upcoming event. We caught up with Greg to get his thoughts on the Am Jam and what we all have to look forward to - 


How long have you been calling Hastings home?

I’ve been living here for two-and-a-half years now.

How far is your front door from Source Park?

Exactly half a mile!

I know you’re super involved at the park. What do you feel like it does for the scene in your area?

Aside from providing a place for everyone to ride - particularly in winter - Source is actively involved in growing and stimulating the scene. They are constantly hosting jams and coaching clinics. We give lessons to over one hundred young riders there every week. Most of those are new to BMX and they absolutely love it. A lot of them will become riders for life.

What seems to be the overall vibe leading up to the event?

Everyone is stoked! Jams bring people together that don’t always get to hang out or ride together. They also motivate riders to do their best tricks or try things they’ve been working on or eying up for a while. The little ones look for any excuse to let loose and have fun. Everyone is also stoked to see the Mongoose team ride the park.

This is a big change from the past Mongoose Jam events. How do you feel about this evolution?

I think the timing is perfect. The old format was rad and we pushed it as far as possible within our limits. This new concept is going to encourage and motivate a new generation of riders, as well as spread the message Mongoose is putting out there that BMX is for everyone and BMX is fun!

I know Source Park - and you, specifically - put a lot of effort into fueling the next generation of BMX. Tell us a little bit about your outlook here and how this new Mongoose event coincides.

BMX has been such a positive influence on my life and on other people's lives that I know, so I’d like to pass that on to as many people as possible. 

BMX is healthy for you physically and mentally. I believe the the world - young people, in particular - need positive influences like that.

What’s the game plan as soon as the whole Mongoose crew gets into town?

The plan is to hit up all the best local spots around town - Boyley Park, some street, trails, Source!

What should the local riders do if they’re looking to take part?

Get on The Source website and sign up!

Is anything big planned for the pro demo?

I’ve been feeling better and better recently since my wrist surgery, so as my confidence grows, you never know. 

There are definitely a few things I’ve been wanting to do there for a while. If I’m feeling good and the mood strikes, it’s on.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Having a session with the team! We’ve become good friends over the years and I love riding with them all.

Where can riders stay informed and get all of the info?!


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