It's undoubtedly true that Chad Degroot is a busy man. From being a sponsored professional BMX rider, owner of Deco BMX and Mr. B's bike shop, family man, and more, he always has something going on. We caught up Chad and got an inside look into what's been keeping him busy as of late, his newly-released signature Kaleidoscope colorway with Profile Racing -


Age: 42

Sponsors: Deco BMX, Profile Racing, PowerBar, Mr. B’s, Vans

Years Riding: 1986 was a sweet year to start. Do the math.

What’s new? 

Everything. I have a new camper. So, it’s planning the next adventure every week. It helps with having Florida winters that are amazing. Everyone should try them. I have a new bike and color for 2017. It’s the best ever. My kids are old enough to lighten up the load on us parents, so a bit more freedom has been rad. Also, been working on new designs for clothing, new parts, and planning trips for 2017.

How’s your shop Mr. B’s doing? 

Always crazy. In a good way, but usually slows down after Christmas time. We typically use that time to change things up, clean, and work on some new event. Not this year, though. It has not let up. With a small staff, we are firing on all gears and going full-throttle. I decided to put a ceiling in, added a new bike rack to help keep up with the increase of complete bike sales, and change some things such as new bike stands and tools. We’re always trying to stay on top of things, evolve, and grow with the times. Endless wild questions keep us on our toes, but the cheap crappy polar pops are corrupting the minds of the Longwood locals. And, they are so messy. Kids are messy and throwing garbage all over. I guess that creates jobs, right?

I’ve been noticing some new moves coming out of you this year, including the knee to seat manual variations. How did that trick come about?

When I learned how to do them forward, I was excited since I really suck at manuals going forwards. It was a hurdle to get over, but the backwards ones are my comfort zone. Those make more sense and feel better to me. I love them all, but once I got a few variations in with the “kneelie,” my head started spinning on how to pull combos and links in and out. I ran my knee completely raw twice trying to learn new variations to the point it was bleeding. Then, I had to stop the trick for a few weeks to heal and do other things. Fast forward to now, I can do about 30-40 and then it gets a bit sore. I just started them on some skateparks and my head is spinning again. Truthfully, riding feels empty if I am riding and not learning. My list is long, so there is no stopping in sight. A few tricks have gotten away from me lately and I keep revisiting them slowly. Hopefully I pull them soon. I have way more patience these days, but I’m still thick-headed to where I know I can pull it and will push it hard until it gets done that day, or my mind is comfortable knowing it will happen soon. 

- Mini Hubs sets in RHD/LHD: $349.99 - Elite hub sets in RHD/LHD: $482.99 - Sabre sprockets in 25t & 28t: $68.99 - Push stems in 48 & 53mm: $84.99 - ZCoaster sets in RHD & LHD: $482.99

So, let’s get moving onto why we’re talking in the first place, your new signature Kaleidoscope colorway with Profile. How stoked are you about it? 

Stoke level is at an all-time high. I didn’t know at the time, but it’s marking 10 years with Profile as well. When Matt Coplon called me to work out the last details, he mentioned it with a, “thanks for 10 years”. I could only respond with, “thank you!”

How’d the idea of a Kaleidoscope pattern come about? 

Profile has an outside company in the USA that does a special process that enable an endless amount of room to get creative with. They gave me a site that featured loads of pictures and ideas. This type of pattern was one of two that stood out. My first colorway was “coffee” or brown which I was so excited for, but I guess brown in BMX is the worst selling color. I had no idea. These days, stuff is getting pretty buck wild. Some companies do awesome stuff, but this process Profile is doing is a shocka when people see it. There’s so much color, wild patterns, and shapes. Thinking about the Kaleiodoscope made me look up videos from the 70’s and 80’s. I was hooked after that. It’s so easy today to just do stock colors, but high-end USA parts with that high-end finishing look is what we managed to do. I have to say a lot of the talking and discussions were from my wife, Eve. She is a designer and has a good eye for things like this. I have to thank her for sure.

Walk us through the design process from start to finish… 

Started about 2 years ago. Since BMX is up and down, it’s hard to pump out high-end colorways. So, Profile sat on this for a minute until the timing was right. To sit on this that long kind of eats away at you, but once the sample was sent over, it was on. First, they did a non-working sample see the finished pattern. It was a hell yes the day I saw it! Then it came down to deciding the details on selling hubs in sets, how many ZCoasters to make, and individual hub options. I left a lot of that up to them, but I really pushed to get it made in stem and sprocket. It first started out that I was only going to get one each for myself. Once it officially came to production, it was decided to do a run of the Push stem in two sizes and the Sabre sprocket, which is dope with the spline drive insert. I love that about those.

Is your colorway limited edition or will there be multiple production runs? 

Limited edition for sure. It’s fresh, but a classic as well.


Why should people buy your colorway? 

Ten years on Profile, it’s USA made, and have you seen it? Open them eyes or squint. Either way, it is hot. It looks good all across the board. Check the photos. Support BMX. Also, try and love the ZCoaster. It’s such a beautiful gift from the Profile gods. They’ve improved freecoaster style rear hubs with lotos of options and parts that make it simple to work on and understand. Also, don’t forget that you can switch it back to regular cassette. A beautiful thing is just a beautiful thing. Lastly, I would say pretty please with sugar on it. Buy it all or some. Thank you to all who support me and what I do. 

As you’ve mentioned already, this colorway is also to celebrate your 10 years with Profile. How does it feel have been with such a legendary brand for a decade now? 

It being a decade now is just plain awesome. I want to thank everyone at Profile for the support and for another 10. Shout out to the machine shop, the shops, Jim, old man Charlie, and the whole crew, especially Matt Coplon for having my back since day one. It’s been nothing but good times, great trips, progression, and enjoying what we do. Thanks, bubs. 

Hit us with your top three highlights out of those 10 years… 

1. Getting on Profile. 

2. Working on the ZCoaster. It becoming a reality and changing the backwards game. 

3. My Kaleidoscope colorway. 

Truthfully, it’s hard to lock down only three. Some conversations with Jim, Matt, and Charlie have been incredible. Seeing smiling faces, laughing, and just plain being real. The trips are always an adventure and fun. The best of all, being told I am like family really hits the heart in the right spot.


Moving onto your current bike setup. Favorite part about this build and why? 

Aside from the hubs, stem, and sprocket, it would be the Jackpot frame. It’s the Deco Tsutomu Kitayama signature frame. It has an hour glass head tube, through the middle chain tensioners, middle gusset, and a brushed color. Love it.

Are you particular about anything when it comes to how your bike is set up? 

Seat has to be dead level to help with “Kneelies.” I have to have worn down tires with exactly 110psi in them. If not, it feels like I am in mud. I also run my headset a bit tight. I just randomly discovered that one day, got excited, and have ran it that way ever since. Feels tight and gives off zero noise when the bike bounces.

Off topic, but will we ever see you appear on the Jerry Springer show again? 

No. I don’t fit the bill for the topics they cover these days. I think it’s funny you’re fishing here, but also remember that time you left a nest in the hotel room you were staying in…and denied it.

Any big plans for the rest of 2017? 

I’m going to camp the hell out of the first few months. Hitting up Puerto Rico soon and then Cuba right after. Next is Wisconsin in the summer to see the family and enjoy the Midwest. Then off to Japan at the end of the year, possibly twice. Thailand is a rumor. Crash some weddings, jump out of a few planes, and enjoy life and whatever else that’s put in front of me. 

Anything else you’d like to wrap this up with? 

I know I ramble and rant, but thanks for reading on. Thank you for following me, the support, awesome comments, and knowing I enjoy what I do or I would not do it. Thank you everyone. Hit me at @chaddegroot.



Frame: Deco JACKPOT 18.9 “Tsutomu Kitayama” signature frame brushed finish

Fork: Deco FuForks 15mm black and ED coating inside

Bars: Deco Genius 4pc bars 9”rise ED coating inside

Stem: Profile Racing Push stem 48mm w/ti bolts

Grips: Deco logo with flanges

Headset: Deco integrated

Seat Post: Deco pivotal 135mm

Seat: Deco pivotal Black denim top kevlar sides n tail seat with shortened hollow Chromoly bolt and super light foam

Cranks: Profile Racing GDH 170mm bossless with Ti upgrade spindle

Sprocket: Profile Racing Sabre 25T Spline Drive 19mm 

Chain: Shadow

Pedals: Deco pc molded pins unsealed

Front Tire: Ares A-Class 1.75

Rear Tire: Ares A-Class 1.75

Front Wheel: Sun Envy front rims 36h, Deco 186mm SS spokes, Profile Racing Elite Kaleidoscope hub with Ti button bolts

Rear Wheel: Sun Envy front rims 36h, Deco 184mm SS spokes, Profile Racing Kaleidoscope Z Coaster hub RSD Ti Female axle with Ti button bolts

Brake Lever: N/A

Brake Cables: N/A

Gyro: N/A

Pegs: Deco WuPEGS v2 10mm hole front and V3 10mm hole rear

Weight: 21lbs 0oz.


For more information on Chad's new Kaleidoscope colorway and everything else Profile, visit 

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