In the market for a new high-end frame? We sit down with Connor Lodes to take a close look at his newly released signature Kink frame, the Redwood. We ask Connor some questions to find out what he has going on, what he's most excited about with the new frame, as well as examine his personal bike setup -

Age: 26

Sponsors: Kink Bikes, Bell Helmets, Demolition, Vans, Markit Denim 

Years Riding: 16

We’re still barely into the new year. Are you excited for 2017?

I’m always excited for a new year. 2017 is going to be awesome. I don't have too many plans yet, but I'm just trying to enjoy the little things life has to offer and ride my bike as much as possible.

What about a New Year’s resolution? Did you have one?

I don't really have any New Year’s resolutions. I just try to be a better person each year and not stress too much. Haha

You were out due to an injury and started riding again a few days ago. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I recently got back on the bike a week or so ago. I’m so hyped to be pedaling around again. It feels amazing be able to go to the park and shred. I feel loose as hell, but I'll get it back!  Six months ago, I broke my ankle trying a nollie 360 and slipped a pedal. It resulted in breaking three bones in my ankle, one in my foot, and one in my heel.  Pretty gnarly, really. It feels much better now after a couple months of physical therapy and a lot of stretching. So, being back on my bike feels amazing!

Your signature Redwood frame from Kink is now available. How does that make you feel?

It’s an honor to have a signature frame! Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted my own frame with my choice of graphics and dimensions. To have a company tell you your getting a frame is a big accomplishment. To me, it means you've put in the time to earn it. It’s a pretty good feeling.

Give us a rundown on the meaning behind the name…

My brother and I were sitting down one night bull-shitting about names and he said, “redwood.” It just stuck after I heard him say it. I grew up in Northern California and spent a lot of time in the forest around a bunch of redwood trees. I’d say it’s fitting!  

What was top priority when it came to the features?

My main thing I needed to have was built-in chain tensioners. I need to have a tight chain at all times. The built-in chain tensioners allows your wheel to never slip. It’s amazing.

What was the design process like? How much were you involved?

The design process was easy. I told Kink the dimensions and colors I wanted. After that, they sent me back a couple BB's and headtube options to choose from. I picked the ones I wanted and then moved onto graphics. I gave the graphic designer a little insight into what I wanted for graphics and he came up with a sick graphic that I was hyped on. He nailed it first try, too. Then after all of that, the Redwood was born!

When it came down to the colors, was there anything specific that drew you to the ones that were selected?

Not really. They’re just rad colors! I’ve always liked brown frames and translucent frames. So, I mixed them together. The navy blue looked dope and you can’t go wrong with black.

Why should people buy your frame?

Haha Well, because it’s a dope frame - from the geometry to the colors! I don’t know…it’s just clean and classic!

Moving onto your bike build. Do you ever alter your setup or do you just set it and forget it?

Yes. I cut my bars and the flanges off of my grips. Aside from that, everything else is stock.

When you first build your bike, what’s the number one thing you’re most particular about?

There’s a couple things. I need to have a tight chain and no noise on my bike. If there’s a little noise, it just messes with my head. I can't ride like that. Also, where my bars are is important to me.

Preferred tire pressure?

I like 50PSI when I ride street because it feels good on my wrists and for bunnyhops. I ride 60 or 70PSI for park and dirt, so it doesn't feel squishy and I can go faster!

Excluding your frame, what’s your favorite part on your bike?

The built-in chain tensioners because I never have to worry about my wheel slipping or coming off.

Any aspiring words for our viewers?

This is pretty cliche, but just have fun no matter what. Things could always be worse and you never know when your next injury is gonna come, so enjoy the sessions when you can!

Anything else you’d like to wrap this up with?

Yeah! Thanks to anyone that has supported and been cool with me over the years.

Frame Details:

Specifications -

  • Colors: gloss trans dark roast, matte navy, black ed
  • Material: 100% 4130 chromoly tubing
  • Headtube: integrated campy spec headtube
  • Dropouts: investment cast with intergrated chain tensioners
  • Bottom Bracket: internally and externally machined mid-size BB
  • Braking: completely brakeless design
  • Particulars: dual toptube and downtube gusset, widened stays for big tire clearance, D-shape chainstays and seatstays, integrated seat post clamp, custom cast faux tree bark stay bridges, custom headtube badge with 3M adhesive backing
  • Weight: 5lb 5oz (20.5")
Geometry -
  • Toptube Sizes: 20.5", 20.75", 21"
  • Chainstay Length: 13.25" slammed
  • Bottom Bracket Height: 11.75"
  • Standover Height: 9"
  • Headtube Angle: 75.5°
  • Seattube Angle: 71°

Frame: Kink Redwood - Connor Lodes Signature

Fork: Kink CST

Bars: Kink Rex

Stem: Demolition Paradise

Grips: Duo Corey Martinez

Headset: Demolition

Seat Post: Demolition 

Seat: Demolition Paradise

Cranks: Demolition Rig

Sprocket: Demolition Markit

Chain: Volume Half-link

Pedals: Demolition Trooper

Front Tire: Demolition Hammerhead

Rear Tire: Demolition Hammerhead

Front Wheel: Demolition Ghost hub laced with a Zero rim

Rear Wheel: Demolition Rotator hub laced with a Zero rim

Brake Lever: none

Brake Cables: none

Gyro: none

Pegs: Kink

Weight: N/A

The Connor Lodes Kink Redwood frame is available now worldwide. Like what you've seen? Contact your local bike shop, or preferred mail order to grab yours! 

Visit for more Kink products.

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