PhotoThe Trip, Miles Rogoish and Ty Morrow's new venture, officially launched earlier this week. Little is still known about The Trip, but two things are certain - they've got a group of amazing riders and a world of potential. We asked Miles a few questions to get a bit more info...

Who is behind The Trip and what is it exactly?

The Trip was started by Ty Morrow and I to showcase a family of friends and the direction we would like to see BMX head in the future. The Trip is a state of mind, a lifestyle. It has always been, always will be, and is constant. We are all passionate about life and live it freely doing what we love. Life is the trip, ride it out.

Who are all of the riders/crew?

Miles Rogoish, Ty Morrow, Drew York, Tony Neyer, Rick Scott, Catfish, Dan Lacey, Lahsaan Kobza, Eric Holley, Tammy Jane, Steve Croteau, Seamus McKeon, Hoang Tran, Patrick King, Alex Vazquez, and Garrett Reynolds.

The introductory video was amazing, how much time did you put into it?
Ty and I editied the video in a rushed time period of a week in Greenville, NC. There was a ton to get done other then just the team promo. Huge thanks to Hoang for all the help on the site.

What's it like working with Ty? Is he on top of things?
Yeah! Ty is dope to be business partners with. Sometimes it's like Day and Night with him being an insomniac and me waking up at 9am. I think that helps our overall time of getting shit done.

What all products do you plan on making?

The Trip is going to be making all types of dope product. We are starting with a few shirts to brand the company's image, then going full force into our catalog for interbike. you'll see!

What's next for The Trip video-wise?

We have already started working on our full length DVD. The Team Promo hit hard but the crew was rushed to make the welcome edit. As for the next DVD, give us a year. Filming has already started and The Trip is good at finishing mostly anything.

Where is the product going to be available?
For USA retail sales  & International distribution inquires, please contact Sparky's distribution. Also Staff Mail-order is psyched to be helping out Ty and Garrett by pre-ordering shirts to help out The Trip. Thanks, Conners!

What else does everyone need to know about The Trip?
Enjoy it, man.

Where can everyone keep up with what you're doing?
Go check out the ++ Team Promo ++, Shirt designs, Blog and the future of BMX at

Anything you'd like to add?

Stay Tripped ++
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