Haro UK pro Jack Clark gave us an inside look at his current Lineage setup. This bike looks dope!

Name: Jack Clark
Age: 19
Location: Essex, UK
Sponsors: Haro Bikes, Vans & Vocal BMX

Frame: Haro Lineage
Forks: Haro
Bars: Vocal Local, 28wide & 8.75 rise.
Stem: Haro linage top load
Grips: ODI O
Barends: Profile Metal
Headset: Vocal & Haro
Front Wheel: Premium Samasara Front Wheel
Front Tyre: CK Premium tan wall 2.3
Back Wheel: Premium LHD stinger hub, Premium Rim
Back Tyre: CK premium tan wall 2.0
Cranks: Haro Lineage
Sprocket: Haro Lineage
Pedals: Demolition Plastic
Pegs: Premium CK
Seat: Vocal Jack HAMMER Seat
Seat Post: Alienation Long Post
Mods: I cut my bars down to 28 as vocals start at 29. I also Like my cranks a little tight just so they don't spin as easy haha.I don't run brakes, I only have pegs on the right, I don't run a front hub guard

Jack, tell us how you like your bike setup?

I like my bike solid. No brakes, soft grips, 70psi, and I have a place for my bars for nose manuals. The worst is when my bars move - I suck at getting them back in the right place!

You’re rocking the new Haro Linage setup. What is it like compared to your previous SD V2?

Yeah, I've been riding the linage stuff for like 6-7 weeks now. This is the bike I had over in the US while I was filming with Brandon Means for my new Haro Bikes video. I like the frame a lot. To me, it doesn't really feel much different to the SD V2, but I've never been to fussy with the bike I ride as long as it's Haro and rides.

What’s your favourite part about the Lineage frame?

I guess the big ass gusset. It just stands out and makes it different. Also, the Lineage colours are sick.

You've got your own signature seat from Vocal. Give us a quick rundown on it.

Yeah, my seat has been out for a bit now, and yeah, It is a seat, you know. There is not much you can do to make one different, so I went with the pivotal design and fat seat all the way! I wanted some hammers in the design as it is my nickname. Check it out at Vocal BMX. There is my fat hammer seat or Vocal have the mid and slim seat, so there is no excuse. Get a vocal seat! Yewww!

Plastic or metal pegs?

Metal. I always have and I don't see that I need to change unless I get the problem that I'm not sliding.

Plastic or metal pedals?

Plastic! I think metal pedals are just a pain. I brake the pins out and they make noise. Plastic are just friendlier and cheaper!

We usually ask riders who do not have signature products what they'd like. You currently have a seat, so what would you go for if you could have another signature product?

A frame is always a dream of mine, but other than a frame or my seat I would have to say a back hub. It would be cool just to see all the different ways a rear hub is made. I think I could design a really sweet hub.

Any thanks?

Yes, of coyrse! Thanks to Chris for this, and then a massive thanks to Haro Bikes for everything they have done for me so far, with bikes, traveling an letting me do what I do best - ride bikes. Big thanks to Vans shoes for keeping my feet dry, fresh, and out of this horrible wet UK weather. Last, but most definitely not least, Vocal BMX, I have been on Vocal for about two years now and for everything you have done for me I am so grateful! Thanks so much to Mason Smith, you are in BMX for all the right reason and you always help us riders out! Thanks a lot Custom Riders BMX shop! I'm looking forward to 2014. It is gonna to be a great year.

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