James Jones is a name that is consistently popping up on this site, across the contest circuit, and at skateparks across the UK. We've had the pleasure of filming him multiple times and we wanted to sit him down and ask him a few questions so you can find out a bit more about the man himself. Oh, and a big shoutout to Animal's Robin Kitchin for supplying these awesome photos.

360 flip. Credit: robinkitchin.com

Who are you?

My name is James Jones and I’m 20 years young.

Where are you from?

I am from a little city called Swansea which is located in Wales, aka the motherland.

Who do you ride for?

I am currently riding for Impuritybikeco, Vp Components, Animal Clothing, and Sony electronic.

When did you get the hookup with Animal?

I got the hook up with Animal about a year and a half ago.

How does it feel to be one of the only riders in the UK sponsored by Sony?

I guess it feels awesome to think I am the only one. 

Do they give you any cool stuff? When am I going to see you on a Playstation 4 advert?

Haha! I am only contracted for the action cam that Sony make unfortunately.

Flair whip. Credit: robinkitchin.com

Animal has opened up a lot of opportunities for you which include paid trips and seeing photos of yourself displayed in shops around the UK. What does it mean to you to be given these sorts of opportunities?

Animal are so sick! It is amazing to be part of such a big company and I guess seeing your photo in the shop is bonus. I am grateful for every sponsor I have as I never imagined I would get this far, but with Animal they push me to be the best I can. Such as supporting me with traveling in and out of the UK and hooking me up with a lot of clothing.

The Animal Demo Team. Credit: robinkitchin.com

You’re also heavily involved in the participating in demos a lot of the year, how did this come about and what does it involve?

Yeah I do shows for Animal. It is called the Action Sports tour and I believe it is the best thing in the world! Were I am from there are not many parks. The tour box is a little like a resi which is epic because i take a lot of slams! Haha.

Does riding demos help you keep your riding consistent? I know you have a huge variety of big tricks on lock. For instance truck to down whip, triple tailwhips, and 360 double tailwhips.

I believe the show has helped me so so much and I think everyone you ask will say the same. When I am doing the shows I try and mix up my runs a lot so the people get to see different tricks, but at the same time it is awesome for me because I get my tricks bigger and more consistent.

Backflip Double Tailwhip. Credit: robinkitchin.com

You’ve slowly been entering more contests and jams this year, you took the win at two NASS qualifier stops, you beat the likes of Mark Webb at Prevail’s jam, and you entered FISE. What was it like with all of these big things happening in such a short time?

Last year I didn’t really enter competitions because I was doing a lot of shows. This year I’m trying to do a lot more comps. the Prevail jam was a last minute thing for me as I was touring near that skatepark, but me taking first place was sick and as for beating mark well he more than likely let me win haha. Fise was an eye opening event for me as I never thought I would be the one ricing, I always thought I would be the one behind the laptop watching the live feed. It never occurred to me that I would every qualify. To me that was like winning, but all in all I had an amazing time and can’t wait for next year.

Now one thing a few people don’t know is that your girlfriend plays a huge role in your schedule, can you explain to people why that is?

My girlfriend plays a big role because we are very close and she does like the riding scene. If you were to ask her what a trick was, she would know every trick whether it was opposite or regular. I think thats a pretty cool thing to have in a girlfriend. Another reason why my girlfriend is awesome is the fact that she drives me everywhere. The reason being is because I legally can’t drive. I was involved in a crash two years ago which caused me to pass in and out of consciousness for an hour. So on my medical record it's states that I can't drive for three years.

With all this traveling and the demo schedule, if you could have one weekend with five riders. Where would you ride?

That is a tricky one. I’m not going to name any riders, but i would most probably head to corby as I very rarely ride there and everyone there is sick.

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out. Would you like to say thanks to anyone?
AAAAYYYYYYY no problem. I’d like to say a huge thanks to all my sponsors and obviously my girlfriend for supporting me in what I love and do for living. Also a big thanks to VitalBMX for filming and sharing my videos.

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