BMXers are pretty bad at keeping secrets. Most of them are, at least. Apparently this is just one of the many ways that Colton Satterfield veers from the norm. Plagued with a life of torn jeans, Colton has silently spent the past year focused on creating a new denim specifically for BMX riders. After much research, design, development, and sampling, Colton is ready to go live with his new project - Love. And. Rebel. We caught up with Colton to get as much information as possible on this venture. Is this for real? Read below and get ready.


How long has this brand been in the works?

It has been in my mind for a long time, one way or another. It got to the point where I knew I could solve a problem and, the more research I did, the more I realized we haven’t had any brands ever care about BMX riders’ true needs - or at least the ones I wanted better met.

Who all is behind the brand? Is this just you?  

As far as ownership in the brand, I am the sole owner. My younger brother is a business savage and quit his job to manage our sales and other operations. Also, we set up our close homies - some of whom also quit their jobs - as sales reps. When our sales reps would reach out to people just for our pre-launch, it would get eaten up. Literally the first meeting I had with this awesome store - X Nation in Utah - was with the most like-minded business man I've ever met that just wants to get awesome in an action sports and living life. In that first meeting, they bought all of the product we had - which was a lot - because they see the vision, the quality, and the difference. They wanted to grow this vision as big as we could, even just for Utah.  


Tell us a little bit about why you wanted to start a denim brand…  

I rode dirt. Ha! I tore pants all the time and I absolutely hated how most of them felt on me. It got to the point where I was buying multiple pairs of jeans a week just to have some that weren’t shredded. My needs simply weren’t met. Our brand’s entire focus is a constant pursuit to be the absolute best in durability, stretch, comfort, breathability, and fit.

Tell us about the name - LoveAndRebel.

I am a deep thinker and, throughout history, our reality is owned by duality. Good, bad. Left, right. Logic. Art. Left brain and right brain type stuff. Basically, I think in our greater world today, actual love is literally rebellion against the norm. Our world is so backwards that we have people who want control and war and the act of love becomes an act of rebellion. It was cool that rebel could be a verb or a noun and people could take it their own way. I think it's cool to see people of the past like Jesus and Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain-type people who just preach love. It's also wild to see the type of opposition those types of people saw simply for loving. Those thought processes were cool to me and helped me trace out the brand’s intentions. It’s just a product of cool thoughts to me. It's a cool name. I’m stoked on that whole side of things.  

What makes your jeans better / stronger than everything else on the market?

BMXers don't exactly want to go put on moto pants. We like dressing casual - same with skaters and people who generally love the outdoors. The problem is no casual company thinks of the needs of a BMXer. I spent a year testing and finding different things here and there before finally getting some samples into the hands of BMXers and skaters to secretly test. Basically, we learned in those tests our ideas were right and I think we solved the main problems.

Most companies use cheap quality denim. The cheapest, actually. There is denim that has cotton threads going up and down and left and right. This is normal and very common. Then, there is denim that goes up, down, left, and right, then is interwoven with diagonals each way. Once you get into which way and direction the spandex is woven, it makes a huge difference. Imagine a plus sign with an “X” overlaying it. Then, you can factor in sheer density of fibers - much like Egyptian cotton sheets. The way the denim is woven and how tight and small the fibers are play a big role - especially when you are trying to maintain maximum stretch with maximum durability. 

Beyond that type of stuff, we ensured we had overdone problem areas - like back pockets that will rip off. Double stitched, better design, and better engineering. I lost my wallet a lot after dirt sessions not realizing my pocket had ripped again! Basically, the geometry of the pants matters and extra stitching in the right places matters. 

Any other denim in our price range costs a small fraction of what ours does to manufacture. Our product is far, far superior in the quality categories that matter to an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for cool fades and bedazzling with huge logos, we probably aren’t for you. But, if you want something that will go hard at life and that dreams with you, then we got you. There is plenty of margin to give people good denim at a good price. I feel like clothing companies have basically been scamming people forever - making the worst cuts with the worst fit because money and turnaround are the only thoughts. Our intentions grew organically from a need, not a desire to make a company.

They cost more to make, but it's worth the benefits. 

You can go to a camping store and buy some durable pants for $200 that, to me, look super goofy and aren't a casual style that I would want to wear. And these pants will only solve the durability problem. They won't fit well, breath well, or stretch well. I didn't really vibe with that look and I refuse to spend $200 on things that still aren't that great.

For me, it's about making the best, all-around pant that matters to us in these five areas - most durable, most stretch, most comfort, most breathable, and best fit. I want to be just as stoked chilling on the couch as I am hiking or as I am riding. 

In my eyes, we actually create a new category in denim and as a brand - the first “quality casual” brand directed to active lifestyle use with strong ambitions to consistently make this specific denim the absolute best they can be for what we do and for those who want a good all-around denim built to live life in.

Stretch was a huge checkmark. They needed a lot and they have a lot. The comfort - just look inside and the interior leads to more than just comfort. The outside is buff, but the inside is soft and nice. I think for just chilling, our pants are so comfortable that it’s addictive. The breathability is the most important to me. Literally take our denim and put them to your mouth and breath through and then do the same with any other denim. Much more air goes through. Similar to same effect walking outside in sweats in the winter - air just flows through. It’s more porous and it gets even more so as they stretch. It's cool riding around on a hot day in San Diego and feeling wind through your legs. It’s wild at first. The fit is another aspect we spent a bunch of time on. Basically, we have more precise measurements around areas that matter, instead of one stock measurement over areas that are variable on bodies, but not on pants. We chose to make extra precise measurements in places that make a big difference to ensure they could fit variable areas of your body better. You don't know why you like them more, but your body does. Quality in mind before price of manufacturing. Stuff that most look at as more money, we look as a necessity and an area to focus in on. That’s why we kind of stand alone in a much-needed new category.Photo

Where are the jeans being made?

I looked through a bunch of different manufacturers and samples before we found the one manufacturer that was what we were looking for. We are manufacturing them in China. Most factories - even in the US - will offer a specific denim or textile which people just buy and slap their label on and call their own. Factories in China have capabilities and on very large scale that US factories do not. It makes specific manufacturing of our specific desires and designs much easier.  Basically, we can constantly and easily make these better while keeping them under $300. If you have a lot you want to do, you need to go where the large capability is. We are in multiple manufacturers there for different things. I have been thoroughly impressed with how they handle business and it makes sense why most of the world uses their industry to manufacture. That and they are all nice, great people who get things done.

Are you making multiple styles of jeans?

Yes, eventually. The plan for the brand is very ambitious and committed, but we are anchoring with these specific pants. They are too good not to. We want to anchor with just the absolute simple, pure black, clean, black-on-black label - not billboarding people on their pants. Simply good denim in every situation that you can fall in love with for their quality, especially if you're going hard often. It's all backwards to me. Our logo and name remains quiet and, when designs happen on the art side for more shirts and stuff, you know the fit and quality will be right and the art will be thought provoking - similar to the MLK Love shirt I designed and wore at X Games, as well as the Dave Mirra shirt I made. The brand recognition comes in the quality. We have a lot planned and, until some take shape, we are going to keep these ideas close. It's better to launch a whale that hits everyone like a ton of bricks with excitement than to trickle it out in all talk.


I’ve seen the hats and jeans. At the launch, what all will be available?

As I mentioned, the denim is pretty much the anchor for our brand. We made some really dope hats I'm actually excited about as well, but it’s all about the pants. Everything else is kinda for fun. 


Will there be anything else coming in the future?

This is a pretty ambitious setup - full speed ahead to grow it real and organic as a tool for many to live and enjoy life. A company really is just a group of people and it becomes a cool thing like a growing family - especially when the product is top notch. Basically, I saved up a bunch of money, made a plan, and went all in and continued to go all in until we reached the goal. Then, on o the next and the next. The first large goals were met immediately and now it’s on to the next. I have this planned out for the next ten years with the most probable outcome and options. Having that set and being aware of all of that has made me almost be able to let it go on cruise control. We just stick to the plan and keep going.

I have such a clear path and vision that it just seems to be steamrolling its way to success. I think I have BMX to thank for that in the realization that the harder and smarter you work, the faster the dream becomes a reality. 

I guess this answer is kind of keeping cards to my chest, but there will be a lot in the future. There is a lot coming and it's cool to be able to actually let people know about it finally. I try to be a doer and not a talker, so instead of saying “Hey, I'm gonna make good pants," I said “Hey, try these pants. I’ve spent a year getting us dialed in on something good."

There are a lot of large plans and I think many will be surprised at the speed at which this brand becomes a mogul in a category that is finally formed. It needs to come out at the right times and right now we have so much excitement about what we are doing already. 

Our pre-launch store in Utah is the biggest privately-owned outdoor / active lifestyle store in the area. Our in-store display is a twenty foot wide, four foot tall mini with five foot extensions built by SuperRamp Technologies, who builds the best stuff for everyone. That ramp will stay there permanently and, on the backside, our display will be built into the mini ramp.  The ramp will remain there for anyone to ride or skate. We will periodically do little fun contests there and it is just a way to show everyone we mean business. By business, I mean we are going to do rad stuff. The store is called X Nation and they have all of our pre launch in Utah because they want to think awesome like that with us.

So to answer your question simply, yes we have things planned, a lot of rad things.

I saw Logan Martin has been riding in the jeans. Is there going to be a formal team?

Logan is a savage. I think it would be fun to have a team. Since I have reached some success and been able to eat, I have always tried to give to homies who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have things. If a homie breaks a frame, instead of watching him not ride or ride a sketchy welded bike, I can go buy him one. No biggie. Things like that. I want this brand to be able to help those hungry dreamers like I was. I remember car rides with six dudes and six bikes and like thirty bucks all together to make a trip happen. All great memories, but if I can help homies out, I want to be able to do that. I think that is more important to me than building a team, although they are both fun goals. Building it as something that can help the true homies who’ve always been there is also important.

That being said, be assured that when we announce a team, it will be worth it and utterly jaw dropping. Thats the whole vibe of all of this. Big, big, better. For the first bit it will remain those close homies. Luckily, my homies happen to be certified savages.

I had a ton of pairs brought to Atlanta for the Monster Triples Contest for people who wanted to try them and they were gone before I got to half the people I said I'd bring them for. I had a ton more overnighted - too many I thought - then they were gone again. I now have a ton of homies’ international addresses to mail off tons of pants to because everyone wanted them.  

Tons of guys were riding them and tons more got them to take home and try out. Logan actually rode them, along with TJ Ellis and bunch of other dudes. Logan mentioned he normally doesn’t change up what he's doing right prior to a contest, but they were super stretchy over his pads and comfy. I was stoked.

You’re still at the top of your game riding-wise. Do you feel like focusing on this brand will slow you down at all?

I feel like it’s no different than what I do all the time anyway. I go through 2,000 pages of notes on my phone a month of just ideas and things to do. Basically, I've always done a lot of other stuff. Riding has just always been the main love of my life and progression is fun. If anything, learning guitar takes up more time. Haha! 

Also, nothing makes you wanna win on TV like having your own brand. You are repping your own. It's you doing it for yourself in the purest form. 

Give us a rundown on the pricing…

They retail for $64.99. Simple, affordable, better. Our highest goal was to make something 1000 times better at the same cost - or lower. A product built so good that solves so many problems so well that everyone wants it. People are able to afford it. Our retailers and everyone in-between can be happy on their returns and our brand grows like wildfire.


When and where will everything be available?

It was really important for us to do a pre-launch just for Utah. Utah is big on the outdoor lifestyle and all of that vibe is a huge driving force of the brand. 

X Nation - the store I previously mentioned - is basically the most ideal store for any adventure lifestyle. And they are decked out to the teeth in the raddest brands. They grabbed up the entire inventory we had for the entire Utah pre-launch because our visions vibe so hard together and are so awesome. They will be the only store carrying our denim for the entire pre-launch. If you live in Utah, go in and grab ‘em. If you are one of the first 100 to get them, you can choose from one of our hats for free! If you aren’t from Utah, you can grab them from their website during the prelaunch which is XSHIZ.COM

April 1st is our main launch date, meaning they are available to most retailers nationally and - soon - internationally. We will celebrate this by flying mad heavy BMX and skate pros that are in our vision with us to X Nation in Utah where will we have a portable 30 foot big air ramp there shredding for the people that come party with us and celebrate.


Where can everyone learn more?

LVRBL.COM. It will explain everything we focus on and all details of the denim. Eventually, it will become a place you can buy them online when our main launch comes.  

We will be dropping our youtube page this Tuesday as well. The purpose behind it is not to make a clowny, cliche channel, but to pair inspiration with entrepreneurialism and show people the true behind-the-scenes work of building a brand. I would love to see a world of free thinkers who see the world as their canvas to paint. We want to motivate people to do big things with their life and will use it as a place to do that.

We will not only show whats happening with the brand, but will sit with rockstars, major athletes, and more for interviews that will inspire dreamers and entrepreneurial talent. I think that will be a really cool part of this. We are transparent and I want to help anyone do anything that I've learned to do. We want to show people they can learn and do whatever they want in their lives. That is Love.And. Rebel.  Spreading love and inspiration while living an awesome life.

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