I’ve known Josh Perry for a long time. Josh has always been an amazing rider, but he really took his skills to the next level when he moved from Cape Cod, MA to Greenville, NC about seven years ago. Since then, Josh has killed it on his bike, underwent brain surgery, and matured into a smart, well-spoken adult.

There are quite a few new things going on in Josh’s life. He’s moving out of Greenville, his bike has front brakes on it, and he’s in school to become a health and wellness coach.

Re-watch his amazing new video and learn more about these big changes below.

You’re really putting those front brakes to good use. How long have they been on your bike?
Thanks. I’ve had them on about three months now I think.

Do you think they’re here to stay?
Yes! I do not know why it took me this long to run them. They have opened up so many tricks for me tech-wise and jumping-wise. I am having so much fun with them!

How many tries did the 360 suicide to tailwhip take you? That was nuts. Definitely never seen that one before…

I got it first try, thankfully! I love truck to whips and figured that a 360 suicide to whip would work. I didn’t think I had ever seen anyone do one before, but didn’t put it past people like Rob Nollie, Tom Haugen, Nick Bonner, Bob Meade, or even Nyquist. I know Nyquist doesn’t do too many tail whip tricks, but I would never put a trick past that man! He also has the best 360 suicides in the game.

Did you handle everything you wanted to get done for the video?
Yes! I had some ideas from previous videos that I backed down from (the footjam whip drop off the mini in and the wallslap on the beam). I figured I was moving away and wouldn’t have the opportunity to feel as comfortable on those ramps as I did at that moment, so I sent it.

Word on the street is you’re leaving North Carolina and heading to Virginia. What’s the deal?

Yes, that’s correct. My chick is from Roanoke, Virginia and, after six years in Greenville, she decided to move back and open a salon there called Rock/Paper Beauty Lounge. She asked me if I would move there with her and it was a no brainer for me. She was there for me every step of the way while going through two brain surgeries and all of the tough times I had to go through to recover. She never left my side and has always been as supportive of me riding BMX as my parents have been. It’s crazy to think that after almost seven years in Greenville I’m moving away. Greenville has been a second home two me since I was seventeen and I will never forget the amazing things I have done and seen, the friends I have made, and the places I have been. I owe so much of my riding to that town and to the people of Greenville that influenced my riding to be what it has become today. I have way too many people to thank for that, so I won’t list names. They are all rad people and I can’t think them enough!

Any plans regarding your riding while you’re in Virginia? Obviously, it’ll be a bummer to not have The Unit, DDASC, and all of the other NC gems at your disposal.

I am going to ride my bike until the day I can no longer physically hold myself up on it. That being said, I’m working on some stuff out there at the moment with revamping the local park. I have some crazy ideas that I’m trying to make a reality, but they will take some time. I am going to miss The Unit like crazy! I already get bummed though thinking about Mirra’s place being gone. I am mostly going to miss having so many friends in the same town to ride with. That was the whole reason I moved to Greenville in the first place. I will only be about three hours from DDASC and four and a half hours from Greenville, so I won’t be terribly far.

You’ve obviously become very health conscious in the past few years. In a few sentences, tell me how to make my life better.
I will never tell a person what I think they should do. I have learned that doesn’t work and most certainly doesn’t get anyone to trust you. I love recommending this to people, though!

Eat less crap -
- Carbonated drinks
- Refined sugars
- Artificial sweeteners and colors
- Processed foods

Eat more food -
- Fruits and veggies
- Organic lean proteins
- Omega 3 fatty acids
- Drink more water

How’s your brain health? All good?

I go for a scan at the end of the year to follow up on a scan from last November that showed a decrease in both areas that had come back after my initial surgery in 2010. Other than the fact I sometimes think about having two brain tumors in my head at all times, I am great. It breaks me out mentally sometimes. I feel great, though, besides tweaking my knee a few days ago on a flipwhip.

Anything else new and exciting with you?
I am in nutrition school to become a certified health and wellness coach. I want to help others learn what facilitates health and what impedes disease, how to make lifestyle changes to aid in health and nutrition goals, and to just live life to the fullest while feeling the best they can. Besides that, I am in Sandusky, Ohio at Cedar Point Amusement Park doing wild shows for the summer. It’s a blast and I recommend coming out if you’re in the area!

Also, thanks Vital for always supporting me and my riding since I was a teenager and following my journey to and from Greenville. You guys rule!

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