Three years ago, Kevin Robinson retired and left an incredibly impressive career of accolades behind him. Today, he has decided to return in a huge way. On August 13th, he will attempt to set another BMX record in his home state of Rhode Island. We caught up with K-Rob to get the inside scoop about the event, how it came to be, what he's doing to prepare for such a high-risk stunt, and more.

Kevin Robinson during the Big Air at X Games LA in 2013. Photo by Fat Tony.

You’re coming out of your 2013 retirement with the intention of setting another BMX world record. What’s the exact record you’re aiming to set?

The record I'm setting is a distance of a 100-foot no-handed backflip.

How did all of this come about?

I've been wanting to do this for roughly 6 years now. I tried to put it together with former sponsors, but it never came to fruition. So, I assembled a team consisting of my friends Jack Fleming and Betsy, my ramp builder John Saxton, and myself. We worked together and brought it to life!

The event is set to take place in your hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. How important is that to you?

One of the crucial parts of doing this jump was it had to be in Rhode Island. I'm so proud of my little state. I wanted to bring a fun event back to the place where the X Games began. This event will be a live event on ESPN 2.

One of the main reasons for it to be here is that I did some press to promote the first X Games back in ’95. I did a bunnyhop over my Dad in Kennedy Plaza for the Providence Journal. Now, more than twenty-years later, I'll be jumping in Kennedy Plaza. Yes, my Dad will be in-between the jump somewhere. He's 81-years-old. He missed my last record because he was battling cancer. I'm doing it for him.

Speaking of your hometown, the K-Rob Foundation is in the middle of building a new park there. How is that coming along?

The first K-Rob Foundation public free skatepark is almost complete. It's being built in my great hometown of East Providence, Rhode Island. John Saxton from Skidmark Parks is doing an amazing job. I wanted a park that was fun for all skill levels. It's not just for bikes, but for skate, and yes - even scooters. As long as you find something you love to do, who am I to judge what device you ride? That's straight up ridiculous.

How much of a role does that project tie into this record flip?

The jump is a K-Rob Foundation event. It's to bring more awareness to the foundation. That's another important part of doing this event. I'm not making any money to do the jump. It's not about that at all. I'm very fortunate and thankful to ESPN and the X Games staff for supporting my passion.

Tell us a little bit about the ramp you’ll be doing this on…

The ramps are being built by John Saxton, the owner of Skidmark Parks. The take off is 8-foot tall and 8-foot wide, with a 40-foot transition. It feels perfect. I've been practicing on it at Highland MTB Park in Tilton, New Hampshire. The landing will be 24-foot wide, 12-foot tall, and 30-foot long, with a 10-foot safety case.


How fast do you think you’ll be going when you launch off of the lip?

I'll be going about 44mph. Go that fast in your car, roll down the window, and look out. That will give you a good idea of how fast it is.

It’s obvious something like this requires to be at the top of your mental and physical game; do you put equal importance on both or does one outweigh the other?

Working out has always played a huge part in my life. I'm now a personal trainer. I've been teaching karate as well. I feel healthier than I have in years. A lot of it is not having the pressure of competing and playing that game. I do things on my own terms when I want to do them. I'm really excited for this challenge. It doesn't matter to me if there are people that think I shouldn't, I'm too old, or any other reason they come up with to why I shouldn’t do something. They all need to focus on their own lives. I won't ever stop being who I am or doing what I love to do. Every decision I make is well-thought-out and calculated. I'm very analytical about what I do. I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself past that fear barrier. That's my true love for BMX. It's always been that way. I want my three children to grow up with that same mentality. We only get one shot at this life journey. Make it the sickest, most challenging, and fun journey you can!

There’s been some speculation that the next X Games will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, where it began back in ’95. Can you confirm any truth to that?

The Sports Commission of Rhode Island put in a bid to get the X Games to return. I did give a small hand in helping facilitate that. I would love for it to return. The people of Rhode Island would be so supportive of it. I would love it because I wouldn't have to travel. Haha! I still haven't heard which city has won the bid. If we don't get it, I have some other great ideas for action sports here.

Best of luck, Mr. Robinson. We know you’ll nail it! Is there anything you’d like to say to wrap this up with?

Thanks so much for the kind words! I want to thank ESPN, Skidmark Parks, Hoffman Bikes, Dunkin Donuts, University Orthopedics, Sam Adams, Ken's Canvas, Play Again Now, Highland MTB Park, The RI Sports Commission, NBX Bikes, the city of Providence, Senator Jack Reed, Quonset Air Base, Dublin Rose/Rebel Lounge, Aline, Cox RI, and P Funk for all the support of this fun event. We'll have entertainment and an interactive village before and after the event. The event is free! It's being held August 13th from 2PM to 7PM. The jump is a live World of X show on ESPN 2 from 5:30PM to 6PM. Thanks to everyone that has supported me - especially my wife Robin and my three kids. Also, a huge thanks to all that tell me I can't do something, such as my guidance counselor in high school who told me riding my bike was a waste of time.


Robinson will make his attempt for the longest ramp-to-ramp, no-handed backflip on Saturday, August 13th at 5:30PM inside Kennedy Plaza of Providence, Rhode Island. You can catch it live on ESPN at 2:00PM (PST) / 5:00PM (EST). This will also be a part of ABC's World of X Games series which will air on Sunday, August 14th at 1PM (PST) / 4PM (EST). Be sure to tune in!

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