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Whether Kenneth Tencio is backflipping off roofs in South Africa or riding his skatepark at home in Jacó, Costa Rica, you can find him aboard his trusty Eastern steed. This bike is made to take some serious abuse and we asked Kenneth to give us an up-close look at it. He said yes, but made us hike to the top of a mountain to a crazy abandoned building before he'd talk. Check out some photos and dive into Kenneth's brain!


Frame: Eastern Custom

Fork: Eastern Swivel Hip

Bars: Eastern Tranny Bar 

Grips: ODI

Barends: ODI

Stem: Eastern Compressor Top Load

Headset: Eastern Campy

Cranks: Eastern Reynolds

Bottom Bracket: Eastern Mid

Sprocket: Custom 30t 

Chain: Eastern Half Link 

Pedals: Eastern Linx 

Seat:  Eastern Combo 

Front Wheel: Profile Hub, Alienation Rim, Ti Spokes

Rear Wheel: Profile Hub, Alienation Rim, Ti Spokes

Front Tire: Tioga Fastr-X

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter

Pegs: Eastern Slit

Weight: 20.5lbs / 9.3 kgs


Who are your current sponsors?

Red Bull, Eastern Bikes, Visa, Vans, and G-Shock.

When did you build this bike up? 

Around April, so I had time to get adjusted if The Olympics happened this year...




I know you're on a custom frame right now. Is there anything new - potentially that will be available to the public - in the works with Eastern?

I know it has been a good year for the brand, so it allows the brand to spend more money on molds for new things. Stay tuned!

Any special modifications?

Nothing really special on it - I just add some titanium things. 

You do a lot of burly stuff... What part do you break the most?

Pedals and tubes.


How often do you build up a whole new bike?

I try to do it every four months, but sometimes I will just change a couple things.

Is this the exact same setup as your previous bike or did you switch anything up?

Same thing, but I added the 30 tooth sprocket. I was on a 27 before.

How good are you at working on your bike?

Oh, really good - haha! I do all my stuff. I used to work at a bike shop.




When is the last time you rode brakes? Do you ever see them going back on?

It's crazy - I just bought a set of brakes a week ago. I just want to give it a try. The last time I rode brakes was 14-years-ago!

What's the best bike shop in Costa Rica?

On Bmx, I can easily say our shop - 10cio Bike Shop - is doing really good. We have a little bit of everything. And, for things that you weren't able to get before, our new distribution partner - BHP - is bringing in a lot of stuff.


Before you had your own shop, was it difficult getting parts in Costa Rica?

Yeah, definitely. It was hard. I have some friends who own a good online shop, but they are more focused on street things.

Titanium is gaining popularity amongst the contest circuit and Eastern has a history with it. Would you ever consider riding a titanium frame?

No - I'm not interesting in riding a titanium frame. I think you get to a point where if the bike is too light, you can't control it.

What's the best thing about your bike?

That it can take me everywhere. It shows me the world, has made me a lot of friends all around, and it keeps me smiling most of the time.


"Peace and love for everyone! I really miss competitions - not just because of the contest, but seeing everyone's performances and getting to hang out with homies that share the same feeling for riding that I have. Hopefully we all get through this thing soon!" - Kenneth Tencio

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