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 Text/photos: Justin Kosman 

At the Dew Tour in San Jose, Kevin Kiraly celebrated his 3-way prelims tie with Morgan Wade and Dave Dillewaard by knocking himself out on the vert ramp immediately after prelims. He didn’t make it on the big money list but had a sweet black eye for the week after the comp. But if he keeps his double-whips and opposite flairs popping off, his ties will start happening in the finals and not prelims.

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Kiraly tailwhip cement How did you knock your self out on the vert ramp in San Jose?
After getting in the first ever 3-way tie for 11th, 12th, and 13th place (which they only took 12 to the finals and I got 13th) I was messing around on the vert ramp. I went straight to flat and had to go to the hospital. Fun, fun, fun.

It seems like you came up pretty quick in the contest scene. How long have you been riding and how did you progress so fast?  
I’ve been riding the freestyle aspect of BMX for almost two years. I used to race when I was younger. I just progressed by watching videos every day, went to the park every day, and tried learning something new every time.

What is your favorite kind of riding?
I definitely like park and dirt a lot, but I also enjoy street, too. When I go to ride street I like to take my brakes off, it’s a lot more fun.

What is the deal with the bandanas that Mike Saavedra plastered in your helmet? Are you in a bike gang?

No (laughter). I got a photo in BMX Plus! a couple issues ago and they mentioned something about the “white bandana crew,” because Mike had cut up a white bandana and put it on the inside of his helmet. Then he did the same thing to mine.

What was the hardest trick for you to learn?
There were two that were equally hard: hang fives and barspin-to-footjams. They both made me so frustrated that when I finally learned them I was so psyched!
Why do your opposite flairs look better than your regular flairs?
I have no idea, but it seriously makes me mad.
Kiraly flipwhipRumor has it that you were involved in some sort of underground moped racing circuit a few years back. What is the truth in that? The riders at Cal Bikes in Livermore claim it’s the truth.
It’s not true at all; it’s some made up sick fantasy of these two guys I know.
How much tail do those Redline, Kevin Kiraly stickers get you at home?
Ha, you’ll have to check my myspace for that answer!
What is it like riding in big contests and sitting on the deck next guys like Colin Mackay and Scotty Cranmer?
It’s so crazy because Colin is one of my favorite pros, and I still get super shy around him. Being able to witness the madness first-hand is incredible.

Your last year in high school was pretty unique. How did you get BMX to count for class credit?
Halfway through my senior year I went into independent study "home schooling" and I needed a bunch of elective credits, so my teacher set it up so I had three classes of riding, P.E., career, and work experience. It was awesome.

You're 18 and out of high school, looking forward as a budding pro rider, what kind of goals do you have of things you'd like to do in the next couple years?
My dream would be to do a video part, like I watch soooo many videos every day that I always dream of me doing one. It would be so much fun.

What was it like being picked up by the Redline flow team, them being such a big company and established name within the industry? Who hooked that up?

Its an awesome feeling; Rooftop hooked me up with it, and its been an adventure ever since. Rooftop, Dustin, and Rich had a new vision for Redline and they definitely changed the image of the company in a positive way.

Kiraly 180 barspinStarting at noon when you wake up and eat four bowls of Lucky Charms, what is you day usually like?
After that I usually take a shower, then go ride my local park in Livermore until the sun goes down, then come home and change and then head off to another park with lights, then come home and hang with my chick. It’s a pretty hard day, I do have to say (laughter).

What’s the scene like around Livermore? Do you ride San Fran a lot?
The scene is good, there’s a lot of awesome riders from my town but we usually only hit up SF once a month, if that. I know other riders in my town go into the city a lot.
 Who has been the biggest positive influence in you BMX career so far?
Definitely my friends Mike Saavedra, Mike Anderson, Ben Brassfield, Josh Shlienz, and
Justin Burns. I also really look up to Colin Mackay, Corey Bohan, and Jake Finley—they are awesome riders that definitely pump me up to ride. Also all the friends I’ve made traveling all over, you always find new and interesting people that are fun to ride with and inspire you.

Why do you have crazy legs during tailwhips?
Because I’m skinny and wear girls pants!

Quick Hits

Farthest trip from home: 2005 Dew Action Sports Tour in Florida
Favorite fast food: In & Out
Favorite BMX DVD part: Gary Young’s part in Drop the Hammer, Joel Moody and Jake Finley’s part in Empire, and Danny Hickerson’s part in Living in Exile.
Worst injury: Concussion, like a week ago.
If you aren't riding what are you doing?
What are Gopeds? Come again?
Favorite skatepark? Livermore

Redline, Etnies, Knight

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