Kevin Peraza Announces Mongoose Am Jam: Tucson

Hot off an epic experience at the first-ever Mongoose Am Jam in Hastings, the brand is bringing the event to team rider Kevin Peraza's hometown. The Mongoose Am Jam will be going down on October 12th at Premises Park in Tucson, Arizona! We caught up with Kevin for a bit of insight on what we can look forward to -


How far do you live from Premises Park?

I currently live about ten minutes from the park. Easy drive or easy pedal when it isn't too hot!

How often do you ride there?

When I am home between trips or events, I'm basically there every evening session I can be.

Did you have any input on the design of the park?

I had a little bit of input, but Arnold Tellez and Ian Abbott made it happen. We just go with the flow and try and change it up every once in a while to keep it fresh and fun.

What role do you think Premises Park plays in keeping the Tucson BMX scene thriving?

Premises Park has an incredible feel to it. Even if you don’t ride and just stop by to hangout, you feel super welcomed and at home. The vibes are always awesome. 

It gets me hyped to see how close and hard-working all the kids are that come by every session. It's the best spot to ride and progress in southern Arizona. We also welcome in all sports - BMX, skate, scooter, rollerblades - to support and help grow the community. I love being one of the locals at Premi. 

How has Premises influenced your style of riding?

With the variety of ramps and setups - not to mention all of the different styles of riders that come by every session - it has definitely helped me grow as an all-around rider. I enjoy riding everything and anything. There isn’t ever a routine to our sessions and we just go with the flow. I love the vibes and always have good sessions. The variety of kids that shred here - I find myself not only teaching them, but also learning from them as well.


What seems to be the vibe leading up to the first ever Mongoose Am Jam in the United States?

Super excited. Being an Am Jam opens the doors to all kids around the country to come by and ride. It's gonna be fun for everyone. I know that all the kids can’t wait to meet and ride with the rest of the Mongoose team as well. We will have a few fun games, gifts, and surprises for everyone that weekend for sure!

How do you think the Am Jam at Source Park went?

The jam at The Source was awesome. Being the first Am Jam, some kids didn’t know what to expect, but we still managed to get a huge turnout of a bunch of young shredders with a bright future in this sport. Not to mention Source Park is incredible!


Why are these jams the perfect introduction to the BMX world for new riders?

It's the perfect intro because it shows the fun side of events - and not so much the competitive side. 

Our main goal is to get kids hyped on riding, so the last thing we want to do is make a kid feel pressured or intimidated. We want to see kids enjoy the session and learn from the experience.

I know you take a large leadership role in your BMX community - both with your brothers and also with the other locals. How do you feel these Mongoose Am Jam events coincide with your outlook on BMX?

Yeah - I always feel like I have a huge part in being a role model. I stay positive, motivated, and excited for every event, contest, jam, or adventure BMX has to offer. I love what I do. Remembering to enjoy the little things - like regular sessions with your brothers or close friends - is always a treat. The Mongoose Am Jam is all about that - pure fun and simple joy, no matter the age or level of riding you are at.

You’re always filming crazy stuff at Premises. Do you have anything big in mind for the Pro Demo?

Not really - just the regular lines. Haha! I'm just super hyped that I get to have a session with my teammates and friends at my local!


Which Mongoose teammate are you most looking forward to watching ride the park?

I don't know! I can’t wait to see Ben blast everything to the ceiling. Haha! The whole team will love it. There are a few setups in there that I think the team will destroy - a lot of gaps and wallrides for Greg, two spines back-to-back for Pat. Cam will probably session the tombstone extension like a baby quarter. Nikita used to come by for the Recon Tour events when we were in the old building, so I'm excited to see how she likes the new setup. It will be a good time!

What other hotspots are you going to take the Mongoose crew to in Tucson?

We will definitely make the trip out to Chandler, some local bowls in town, my favorite ditch I grew up riding, and some local business for some legit authentic Mexican food! We might even hit up some street downtown, check out all the cool mural spots, and hit up a bar or two... Haha!

What can the world expect ‪on October 12 at Premises?

Good riding, good times, good food, and good people. A lot of gifts, prizes and product to give away, too! Some special cash prizes and fun games. Forget about winning. Grab your bike, invite some friends, and come on down for the session. You don’t want to miss it!

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