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Late last month, Kink announced that they'll be releasing a brand new full-length video in the not-so-distant future. We caught up with Darryl Tocco - Kink OG and the man behind the project - to get the details. Check it -


In a world where we’re unfortunately seeing fewer and fewer high quality full-length projects, what makes Kink continue forward with bringing them to life?

I think we're seeing less full-length videos because there are not a ton of brands out there that I would consider core BMX companies. A proper full-length is an investment that shouldn't be understated. Besides the obvious financial cliff-dive a project of this size requires, it's an investment in time. An investment in your riders. An investment into BMX itself. Only core companies are willing to make these investments because they care about BMX in a way that bullshit brands do not. 

We do them because they are important to not only our brand, but to BMX culture and the progression of our sport.

How long has Champagne been in the works?

We started filming in Australia in April of 2017.

Why "Champagne?" Give us the story on the name... 

Jay came up with the name. This year is Kink's 25th anniversary and I think we wanted to subtly hint that a celebration was in order. It's a celebration of the brand, the fresh team we have repping right now, and BMX in general. What better way to celebrate than to put out a full-length video that we're all proud of?


How many full-length projects have you done with Kink?

This will be my fifth, even though 2015's "Intervention" was more of a mixtape than a real-deal full-length.

From Safety First to Champagne, what are the biggest changes in your mentality and process?

This was the first project where I haven't filmed a part of my own, so that changes things quite a bit mentally. I got to put all of my focus on filming this and I think it shows in comparison to our older projects.

How much freedom has Kink given you on this new one?

We collaborate on almost everything, but they trust me to handle what I need to handle. Sometimes we can butt heads on certain things, but this project came together very naturally and I think we all had a similar vision. I try to keep them in the loop on music, but there were instances for this video where I didn't have time for approval on certain songs and I just went for it. Dave Fortman and I spend a lot of time dialing in art and making sure the video comes out the way we want it to. Dave killed it.

Where all did you guys shoot?

Probably two-dozen cities in the US. Also Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid...

This marks the first time that Nathan Williams has been a part of a full-length Kink project. How did that go?

Beyond any expectations I could have had. 

Nathan fit like a piece of a puzzle and he's once again outdone himself when it comes to his mastery of the video part. Still buzzing that he's on the team and it's been almost two years. His part is unreal.

Kink made a pretty unexpected play a few months back when they added Hobie Doan to the squad. Has Hobie been able to stack enough clips for a full section?

Hobie came through like the beast he is and filmed a banging part in about six months - on top of a dope welcome to the team video. He's an unbelievably talented rider and I think this is some of his best footage to date.


I’ve been hearing rumblings about Agustin Gutierrez from some really respected minds. What can you tell us about him?

Agus is the shit. He is about as authentic a street rider as humanly possible. He barely opens his mouth, but his riding has plenty to say. We are all so stoked that he was able to film a full part. People that are paying attention know he's the real deal and I think he's about to create a lot of new fans. He's an obvious student of the golden era of East Coast street riding - a perfect mix of speed, tech, and creativity. He's one of my favorite riders.

Who all will have full sections?

Full sections from Travis Hughes, Agustin Gutierrez, Calvin Kosovich, Chad Osburn, Hobie Doan, Dan Coller, and Nathan Williams.

Is there a certain rider you think is going to surprise everyone?

Agus. For sure. 

Can we expect any clips from the Kink OGs - Hamlin, Sexton, yourself?

We have a couple amazing Doyle clips and me and Jay both snuck one in. The rest of the OG's are missing-in-action on this video, unfortunately. We also have a bunch of the ams with some guest clips throughout the video. No mix sections. No filler.

What’s it like being on the road with Calvin Kosovich - another BMX video guru? Do you guys bounce ideas or pretty much just do your own thing?

We definitely both do our own thing, but he's great with suggesting certain ideas when we're shooting and always down to help me out. We try not to get in too many in-depth conversations about the video world - haha. We'd rather shoot the shit about music or which beers we should drink that evening. Calvin is incredibly talented - a real artist. We're lucky to have him in BMX.


For the gear nerds out there, what equipment have you been working with on this project?

The first six months or so of the project was shot on a Panasonic DVX200 and GH4 and the rest on the Panasonic EVA-1 and GH5s. Very happy with what those two cameras produced for this video. Ronin-S gimbal for rolling lines and fisheye and obviously a variety of lenses to create a good mix of imagery.

Will you be working up until the final deadline or are you planning on wrapping up early?

Final deadline has come and gone already - haha. I'm all finished and we are sending out final files for DVD and Blu-ray replication as we speak. 

Roughly how long is the finished product?

Video length is thirty-one minutes from intro to credits.

What makes Champagne different from every other BMX video out there?

The first thing that comes to mind is the diversity of the riding. 

This is a 99% street video, but these guys all have different eyes. Their styles spread across the board and each part feels very unique to itself.

Are you happy with everything? Would you tell us if you weren’t?

I am. I would. 


When and where can the BMX world see Champagne? Give us a rundown of the release plan!

Premiere in Austin, Texas at Empire Control Room on October 31st at 7pm. Bike shops around the world premiering on November 1st - check with your local shop - and a live stream premiere with two showings on November 2. 3pm EST and encore showing at 8pm EST! DVDs will be available on the Kink webstore, as well as a limited run of Blu-rays with the entire Kink full-length discography as a bonus in early November.

Stay tuned to Vital BMX for more coverage and information on how to watch Champagne!

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