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2020 certainly hasn't looked like Logan Martin expected it to, but that didn't stop him from building up a brand new Hyper Indy. The parts haven't changed much, but we've got a fresh color kit, a few adjustments, and some insight on why he rides what he does. Check out the Australian machine's brand new ride!


Frame: Hyper BMX Indy

Fork: Snafu Magical 

Bars: Snafu Jackson - 9.25” rise, 29” wide

Grips: ODI 

Barends: ODI

Stem: Snafu Topload - 52mm

Headset: Snafu

Cranks: Snafu Mayweather - 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Snafu

Sprocket: Snafu - 28t

Pedals: Snafu Anorexic 

Seat: Snafu Seat/Seatpost Combo

Front Wheel: Female Profile Elite hub laced with Spectre titanium spokes to a GSport Birdcage rim

Rear Wheel: LHD Profile Elite with a 9t titanium driver also laced with Spectre titanium spokes to a Odyssey Hazard Lite back rim

Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter - 2.1"

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter - 1.85"

Brakes: No brakes

Pegs: No pegs

Weight: I haven’t weighed my bike before, but I’ll say around 9kg (19.8lbs)


Who are your current sponsors?

Rockstar Energy, Hyper BMX, Snafu BMX, LSKD Clothing, Australian Cycling Team, and Fist Handwear.

When did you build this bike up? 

The 7th of October! 

Give us a rundown on the specs of your signature frame and why you chose them...

It has a 20.5” top tube, 13.2” backend, and 8.5” standover. I was riding these similar dimensions on a different frame before I made the Indy, which I enjoyed the feel of.


Has the Indy frame changed at all over the years? 

It has always stayed the same dimensions. 

I’ve always liked the feel of it, so I have never had much interest in changing it to something I’m unfamiliar with.

When is the last time you had a chrome bike?

A couple months after winning my two X Games gold medals in 2019, I built up an all chrome bike with two gold hubs to sort of compliment the medals.

Where are all of the Jet Fuel parts!?

I’ve had so many Jet Fuel bikes over the years. I needed to change it up again this time!


Any special mods on this build?

Nothing has changed. I guess I found what works for me and feels good to me a while ago, so I generally never change anything on the new bikes.

How often do you build up a new bike?

Usually every three-to-four months. It’s been eight months since my last bike, so it was well overdue for me. In saying that, I probably haven’t been on my bike as much as previous years.

Is this the exact same setup as your previous bike? 

Pretty close! It was hard to get chrome rims, so I have a Hazard Lite instead of a 7KA and I had to settle on the GSport Birdcage for the front rim, which is a little chunkier and heavier than I’d like. I actually wasn’t feeling the front rim, so I spent a couple hours last night swapping it out with a Deviant rim I had on a different bike. 

Do you change parts regularly or is this basically your ideal setup? 

Yeah. I would say I’ve found my ideal setup. The main parts of my bike have stayed the same for years.


How good are you at working on your bike? 

I'd say I’m pretty good at building them up, although I usually get Chris Courtenay at The Village to help with the build! I’ve never built a wheel from scratch, but I did re-lace my front rim for the first time last night!

What's the best thing about your bike?

My signature Hyper Indy frame, of course!


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