After parting ways with Hyper at the beginning of the year, Mike Fede is now doing his thing on a custom Lairdframe made by none other than Mike Laird himself. We decided to catch up with Mike to take a look at his ride as well as see what he has going on for the rest of 2014.


Name: Mike Fede

Age: 28

Sponsors: PowerBar, Triple Eight, Time2Shine mail order, Maxxis, VP Components, Filtrate Eyewear, Flat Fitty

Hometown: Bear, DE

Current location: Wilmington, DE


What was your first "real" BMX bike and how old were you when you got it?

I started pretty late. I was 18 and what caught my eye at the local bike shop was a Volume Destroyer frame ha ha! Thanks to some of the older guys around my area that hooked me up with some parts to get that beast ridable.

How old were you when you learned your first real trick and what was it?

I was a little over 18 at the time and I think my first memory was a 360 out of a grass ditch in my parents neighborhood.

What's one trick you just can't seem to figure out?

Definitely the 360 no footed can. I've always had trouble with that one. I love seeing people do it.


What made you decide to take the route of getting a custom frame and what made you choose Lairdframe over everyone else?

I had my mind made up back in September when I was hanging out with Mike Laird during some demos. He showed up on his first prototype and told me his vision of making custom frames. At the time I was riding for Hyper and hadn't talked much to Mike about doing one. Fast forward to Mid January, I reached out to him letting him know my plan to part ways with Hyper and how I wanted something ASAP.  I loved the idea that anyone can have a frame made just for them with a one of a kind bridge or other customization.

Did you immediately know the dimensions you wanted on your frame, or were there things you were unsure of at first? I know when I had a custom frame built a while back there were some things that I knew I wanted for sure and one or two things that I just took an educated guess on hahaha.

I had a good idea from what I rode in the past, but I made some changes to the head tube angle and back end. Haha yea I was unsure of things like tube diameter since I never had to pick that stuff before. Overall I knew what I wanted and Mike made it happen.

What are the full specs on your frame and did you have Mike add anything special? I've seen some of the custom bridges that Mike has done and they are pretty rad.

Yea I had Mike do the infinity symbol in the bridge area for personal reasons. He has done some really cool stuff on some recent frames that you can see on his FB. I run a 21" TT, with a 75.1° head tube angle, 71° seat tube angle, stand over is 8.5", 11.5" BB height, 13.5" rear centered, micro dropouts, removable brake mounts and guides.


Where's your favorite place that you've ridden and where's one place you would like to go?

I'd have to say that Cologne, Germany is one of my favorite places out of the U.S. Countless places in the states come to mind. My favorite places usually are where the best vibes are. I really want to make it to Japan and Hong Kong.

What's on the horizon for the rest of 2014, anything special?

I am going to be going to a few of the Fise events and making it to China finally. It's been a dream of mine to visit the Great Wall. I will be hitting up some Transjam contest in NC, and GA as well. I will be doing some giveaways with Time2Shine mail order throughout the year and some trips all while juggling being in 3 weddings this year. I have my hands full ha ha.

Any final words?

Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me and thanks for this bike check interview. Find the positive in everything and be you!


Frame: Custom Lairdframe 21"

Fork: Snafu Magical with custom carbon dip

Bars: Snafu Illingworth with custom carb dip


Grips: ODI "O"

Stem: Snafu Magical

Headset: FSA


Cranks: Profile Column 22mm

Sprocket: Profile Galaxy 22mm spline drive

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Pedals: VP N2

Bottom Bracket: Animal 22mm

Seat: Snafu

Seat post: Alienation Midget Stick


Pegs: Superstar Micro

Front wheel: Alienation Deviant laced to Profile with Ti spokes

Front tire: Maxxis Rizer 2.3


Rear wheel: Alienation Runaway laced to Profile Elite with Ti spokes

Rear tire: Maxxis Grifter 2.1

Brake setup: Odyssey Medium lever with Odyssey cables and 34R gyro and 34R brakes.

Photo credit: Eric Silver

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