Marcus Christopher on DK - Q and A + Bike Check

Around two weeks ago, news broke that 16-year-old BMX wonderkid Marcus Christopher had parted ways with Kink. Well, here's the reason - Marcus has officially joined the DK pro team. We reached out to Marcus to learn about the big switch and check out his new bike. Check it and get ready to watch Marcus take things to the next level - 


Congrats on the new gig. How'd you end up riding for DK?

Thank you, Kyle! I guess you can say I had multiple people pulling for me to get promoted to a pro team and to support my style of riding. DK's desire to do that and - with them being based in my home state of Ohio - it seemed like the perfect fit.  

What lead to your departure from Kink?  Did you leave to pursue the DK gig?

First I'd like to say that I have nothing but great things to say about Kink and and all those involved! Kink was my first real sponsor and they helped me for four years. I did leave Kink to pursue DK because, obviously, Kink is a Street heavy brand and team. Although DK is very race heavy, they want to promote and grow the freestyle part of their company, including park riding. 

I believe DK and I have the same vision and we can do great things together.

How does the new bike feel?  Have you gotten to break it in yet?

The new bike feels great! We had Paul Rad up at Ray's MTB build it up the day I got it. I've gotten to ride it at Rays' twice and once at the DK warehouse, which was a blast! 

Any big changes to your bike besides the frame and fork?

I'm riding a little bigger toptube and chainstay than before. I adjust pretty easily to new specs, so it hasn't been an issue. I have already starting working with DK and have some cool plans for future development! Although I'm not a weight-weenie, my bike is now about a pound lighter.  

I know it's been cold out your way. Have you been able to ride your ramp at all lately? 

I haven't got to ride my ramp since the end of October. I've been riding Ray's, Chenga ,and Woodward East when we get a chance to get to get over there for a weekend. Once the weather breaks, we will seal my ramp and I usually ride it four-or-five times a week.

Will the new sponsorship help you get to more events?

The DK deal is obviously a move in the right direction! I can't thank DK enough for this opportunity. Obviously, getting to the FISE events is very expensive. I can't even travel to some countries by myself because of my age, so my dad coming with me adds to the expense. 

I have some other promising sponsorships in the works and am hoping for the best!

What's on your agenda for 2019?

I leave for Austria on the 11th to ride in Masters of Dirt. This will be my fourth year being invited to Vienna and it's always a blast! I then want to concentrate on progressing as much as possible on the bike and finish up my sophomore year at school. 

Who else are you currently riding for?

I am still riding for Kali Protectives, who I've been with for about three years. I am a big believer in the protection their Viva helmet provides. I've taken some bad slams and Kali Helmets always withstand the abuse.

Any final thoughts? 

Thanks for the interview, Kyle. I'm excited for some big things in 2019!

Marcus Christopher's New DK Team V3 Build






Frame: DK Team V3

Fork: DK RTV2

Bars: DK Worthy 8.8" Rise

Grips: ODI Longneck

Stem: Profile Push 48mm

Headset: Verde

Cranks: Profile Column

Bottom Bracket: Verde 22mm

Sprocket: Profile Galaxy Spline Drive 28T

Chain: KMC Z410

Pedals: VP Harrier

Seat / Post: Fiction One-Piece

Front Wheel: Alienation Skylark with Profile Elite Hub

Rear Wheel: GSport Birdcage with Profile Elite Hub 9T

Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter 2.1"

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter 1.85"

Pegs: Total Skinnies

Weight: 22.7lbs

DK's Official Statement

DK Bikes is pleased to announce the addition of Marcus Christopher to its Pro Freestyle Team. Having just turned 16, Marcus brings years of progressive riding experience to the legacy of the DK program. Marcus is a quiet kid who lets his riding do the talking. With a dialed backyard ramp setup and a strong family support team getting him to all the spots, Marcus is always on the bike and progressing his incredible riding. With the Ohio connection and a serious approach to fun, Marcus is a perfect fit for the DK crew. Here are a few words from Marcus about joining the team: “I'm extremely stoked to announce that I am now riding for DK Bikes. With DK's long history in BMX and the fact that they are based in my home state of Ohio, it will make this an easy transition for me. I’m excited to build the relationship with DK by promoting the brand and the sport of BMX “

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