Photo credit: Matt Arnold

Name: Matt Coplon

Age: 36-1/2

Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

Sponsors: Profile Racing, Deco, The Skatepark of Tampa, Etnies, Folklore Brand.

Photo credit: Travis Reavis

What kind of stuff do you handle behind the Profile doors?

My two main responsibilities here are In-House Sales Manager and Freestyle Team Manager. Everyone here at the shop is somewhat of a Renaissance Man. We all tend to do multiple jobs, so under that umbrella, I also handle product photography, the gathering of news/product info for social media, product development, soft goods design and inventory, as well as building, packing and shipping of shop orders. I also work with Mike Hinkens on everything related to Madera. That's a short list. Ha!

What does a typical day in your shoes consist of?

Emails fill up a good part of my morning: handling tech questions, orders, and general emails about product. Within that time I'm converting emails from the team, turning them into content for web news as well as social media which is sent to Mulville (Facebook and Instagram) and Grant C. (Twitter). By lunch I'm usually on the floor helping Chris Fernandez build our shop orders. One thing I like to stress is that any order through Profile is actually hand assembled by one of us. Hubs and cranks, in particular, are built to order.

What's the backstory behind TBR?

TBR started back in High School, round about 1992. Myself, my buddy Forrest and Sean and a couple locals started it out to celebrate the Tampa riding scene. Now, here we are, over 20 years later, still involved and trying to promote what we have going here in Tampa Bay. The acronym stands for "Tampa Bay Riders" which has turned into a local blog. It exists as a medium for anything bmx related in our area (and extends into the state of Florida). The blog is managed by myself and Scott Ehlert. Matt Arnold helps with our involvement at events and our little soft goods inventory, but overall, it exists for everyone as a canvas to show what they've been up to. If you're in the area and would like to contribute, please send any pics or news to

Photo credit: Shane Leeper

How would you describe your current setup?

Light and unchanging. Ha! I was just up at Circuit Bmx in Pawtucket a couple weeks ago. We weighed the set up and it was right at 20 lbs. I really dislike changing anything on my bike. Actually, this rig was sitting here, complete, for a month before I rode it. That's because, well, my old bike is an exact replica. I rode that set up for 2-1/2 years. Its now sitting in our garage in Tulsa, waiting for curb sessions when we head up there to visit family. I'm a creature of habit. Once I find what I like, I stick with it.

What are the oldest and newest parts on your current ride?

The oldest: I have had the titanium steer tube bolts on four different stems spanning over six years. Same with the front, non-peg titanium button bolt. I also usually ride grips and tires until they get ripped off my bike. And I absolutely hate riding new tubes. I had to finally put a new one in on the rear the other day because the 8 total patches decided not to hold anymore.

The newest: Grips and tires because I wore them both out. And my Push stem...unfortunately, on this most recent trip, due to not paying attention, I cross threaded a stem bolt and stripped out my stem. Because I'm ridiculous and hate all that's new, I rode that stem with three bolts for a bit until it started to worry me. Ha!

Photo credit: Travis Reavis

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to and what's one place that would like to go to?

My top five cities are Tulsa, Milwaukee, Providence, San Francisco, and Athens, Ga. I can't say one is better than the other because they are incredible in so many different ways.

The place I would like to travel to? I'm going to say anywhere in Scotland. I've been several times, have fallen in love with its scenery (actually got married there), but have never had my bike. I'd be content pedaling down an old dirt road over there.

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?

Probably on Mars. That's a scary question, actually. I really don't know. But as long as I'm with my bird, have access to my bike and am close enough to hang with my friends, I'll be in good hands.

Photo credit: Alan Shirley

What's one piece of advice that you can give to all the up-and-coming riders?

Have fun, be good to other riders, and, in the immortal words of Morrissey: "Hold onto your friends." Bmx and my core group of friends, for me, go hand in hand. Having that support group is 75% of what makes bmx so incredible. Don't ever take that for granted.

Any final words?

Thanks to Vital for the interview. Thanks to Profile Racing for 12 years of employment and 15 years of having my back! Thanks to everyone who I work with here on the regular. Chad Degroot and Deco. Barak Wiser and Etnies. Adi Gilbert and Folklore. Brian Schaefer and the Skatepark of Tampa. Mike Hinkens and Madera. Mulville and Grant C. for all they do for Profile daily as well as our team in total. To my main bird, Ariel Gunn. And to all of my friends, past, present, and future.

On a side note, I'm publishing a collection of stories/essays in January, 2014 titled Collapsing into the Whatever. If you're interested in a copy, shoot me an email. Thank You!

Photo credit: Chris Fernandez

Frame: Country Outlaw 20.75

Fork: Deco FuForks with a 28mm rake

Handlebars: Country 711 Bars


Grips: Deco

Bar ends: Deco plastics

Stem: Profile Mulville Push 48mm with 4-6mm chromo bolts, and 2 titanium steer tube bolts.

Headset: Deco


Cranks: Profile 160mm no boss cranks with a 5-5/8 titanium spindle and 6mm aluminum GDH bolts

Bottom bracket: Profile 19mm Mid

Spindle: Profile titanium 19mm, 5-5/8.

Sprocket: Profile 19mm, 25t spline drive

Chain: KMC 510


Pedals: Profile Gas Pedals

Seat: Deco Fatty

Seatpost: Deco Shorty

Seatpost clamp: Integrated


Front rim: Sun Envy 28 hole

Front hub: Profile Totem Front Hub in 3/8, 28 hole

Front tire: Demolition Momemtum 2.2 (Till death do us part)


Rear rim: Sun Envy 36 Hole (I ride a front rim in the rear)

Driver: Prototype Profile 9t Aluminum Driver made out of some material from outer space.

Rear hub: Profile Totem Rear Hub in 3/8, 36 hole

Rear tire: Demolition Momentum 2.2


Hub guards: Profile Aegis front and rear guards

Pegs: Profile 7075 aluminum


3/8 and 3/8 to 14mm titanium Profile button head bolts on the non-peg side (left). I've used these same bolts on several rigs.

2 Profile titanium stem bolts on the steer tube holes of my Push stem. Have transferred these over from two other stems. I'm superstitious I guess.

Front wheel is a 28 hole. I ride titanium spokes on the inside (14) and double butted wheelsmith spokes on the outside (14) 3 cross. On the rear, 36 DB spokes. Thanks to our in-house wheel builder (Termite Hudson) for the maintenance.

I ride a master link on my chain. I know its a bad idea.


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