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Fast and Loose soldier, Verde pro, Demolition team manager, and all around awesome dude Matt Cordova does really, really, really good-looking tabletops on this bike. We didn't shoot any for this, but it doesn't make the bike any less relevant. Take an up-close look at Matt's personal Fides build!


Frame: Verde Fides

Fork: Demolition Fox 

Bars: Demolition Rig 

Grips: Demolition Axes 

Bar Ends: Demolition x Markit

Stem: Demolition x Markit

Headset: Demolition

Cranks: Demolition Rig 

Bottom Bracket: Demolition

Sprocket: Verde Nuetra 30t

Chain: Volume 1/2 Link

Pedals: Demolition Trooper 

Seat: Demolition MC

Front Wheel: Demolition Whistler

Rear Wheel: Demolition sample

Front Tire: Demolition Hammerhead-T

Rear Tire: Demolition Hammerhead-T


Who do you currently ride for? 

Verde Bmx, Demolition Parts, Vans, Pure Kana, 100%, Fast and Loose, and Team Soil.

How long have you been on this bike? 

Probably about eight months. 




How often do you traditionally build up new bikes? 

It just depends, but usually about every six months to a year.

What part on your bike do you change the most? 





When is the last time you rode pegs? Will those ever come back? 

Took the pegs off about six months ago. I'm sure they'll get put back on at some point. 

What part on here have you been riding the longest? 

Toss up between my sprocket and my wheels.


Has your signature frame from Verde changed at all since being released a few years back or did you nail it on the first go? 

Yeah - still the same. Stoked on how it came out.


Anything new in the works with Verde? 

We've been chatting about freshening things up, but nothing set in stone yet.

You've got a pretty big role at Demolition. Anything exciting in the works there? 

We've got some updates to some of the parts line. Always trying to keep things fresh. 


Is a new bike on the horizon anytime soon? 

I actually just got a frame in the mail while being gone on my last trip, so I'll probably build that up in the next coming months. 

What else is new and exciting in the world of Matt Cordova? 

Not too much, really - just riding and shooting photos. 

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