Matt Cordova Introduces the Verde Fides

All photos courtesy of Verde and Matt Cordova

Matt Cordova has been one of the BMX world's top transition riders for a number of years now and, surprisingly, he has never had a signature frame... UNTIL NOW! Matt signed on to ride for Verde in April of 2018 and they have been hard at work on his first signature frame ever since. The Verde Fides will be hitting bike shops in a couple of weeks and it seemed like the perfect time to pick his brain about his new creation. Check it!


You’ve been on Verde for around nine months so far. How has it been?

The guys over at Verde have been nothing but a treat to work with. They've made everything so easy - even with the other riders, everyone has been super welcoming. Very stoked to be working with them.

What frame have you been riding thus far?

I've been cruising the Oxbridge frame - Matt Priest and Lima Eltham signature frame.

How long has your signature frame been in the works?

Getting a signature frame was one of the first things we talked about when I signed with Verde, so it's been in the works for about a year.




Tell us about the name. Why “Fides?” How is it pronounced?

Our bikes are our Ole Faithfuls. Fides in Latin translates to Good Faith. It also goes alongside with my beliefs, so I just found it fitting. "FEE-des." I guess that would be the best way help with pronunciation.

This is your first signature frame, right? How does that feel?

Yep. First signature frame. Man, it definitely is a rad feeling for sure. Growing up, I feel like its a dream for most kids to have their name on something. It's pretty cool to see it happen.

Spec-wise, what was important to you when designing your frame?

I definitely tried to keep it more a "transition" spec frame. I wanted to keep the backend somewhat longer and a taller stand-over. But, at the same time, can't go too crazy with it otherwise people don't want it, so had to keep that in mind.

You have a solid eye for design. Did you design the graphics? Tell us about them…

I definitely can't take full credit on the graphics. I had a pretty good vision in my head on how I wanted them to look. I sent over a few examples and the design guys at Verde took over and killed it. So stoked on how the decals came out. It's all based off of the 1970s AMF Harley Davidson graphic. That design always looked cool to me for some reason and fits well with the theme of my Demo seat.


Is weight important to you? What does the Fides weigh in at?

No, weight doesn't really bother me too much - more or less just want a sturdy-feeling rig under me. The Fides weighs in at 4lbs 9.6 oz.

Who else is riding one right now?

Right now it's just the US guys on them - Biz and new Verde recruit Kurt Purkins.


Upon its release, what colors is the Fides available in?

Really stoked on how the color came out. It will be available in matte gun metal grey.

I know the frame is available in a number of different top-tube sizes. Was that important to you?

Yep. The frame will come in 20.5", 20.75", 21", and 21.25". For sure was important to me. I definitely wanted all size shredders to be able to get in on the fun.

What’s your favorite part about the frame?

That's a hard one. I love the whole bike - everything on it flows together so well. The brake bridge is a custom laser cut that looks pretty rad!


Why should everyone reading this immediately buy a Verde Fides frame?

It's a sturdy rig that will definitely hold up with what you throw at it. Looks good, feels good - two things that are important to me when I'm picking a frame. Hopefully people are stoked on it as much as I am. 




What’s on your agenda for 2019?

Plan is to be at all of the Vans Pro Cup rounds. Definitely stoked for that series to start up. I heard there are some new stops this year, which is exciting. But as far as that goes, lots of filming and traveling, which is what I enjoy most. There's been talk of a team trip for Verde, which would be insane! Other then that, we have a couple more trips planned to finish up filming for the Fast and Loose DVD. Definitely stoked to get this year rolling.  

Verde Fides Frame


Top Tube: 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”, or 21.25”

Chainstay: 13.5”

Head Tube: 75º

Seat Tube: 71º

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.8"

Standover Height: 9"

Hit up Verde's site for more information on Matt Cordova's signature Fides frame!

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