Matthias Dandois Introduces His New Podcast,

Professional rider, actor, model, photographer, world champion - Matthias Dandois is a man of many titles. He's got an exciting new one to add to the already-impressive list - podcast host. Matthias and his production company - ASI Media - have teamed up with Red Bull to launch What Does It Take, a new podcast that dives into the minds of some of the best athletes in the world. 

We caught up with Matthias to see how he's holding up in New York City and to get the scoop on his new project. Check it!


First and foremost, I know you’re currently in New York City. How’s everything going out there?

Hi! Yes, I have been living in NYC for nearly two years now. I absolutely love it here. It’s right in between San Diego and Paris, where I spend a lot of time too, so it’s great. The energy of that city is really motivating, I have a few good flatland spots next to where I live in Soho and riding street is fun in Brooklyn. Bit of a weird time right now as NYC is the epicenter of COVID-19, but I’m really lucky to be with my girlfriend and my lil' dog, so it’s not as boring to stay inside! Can’t wait for this to be over and for everyone to be safe and sound!

Do you plan to stay in New York for the foreseeable future?

Yes. That’s the plan right now - staying here until things go back to normal and hopefully start working again soon!

You travel a lot. What has this whole situation been like for you?

It’s insane. I have been traveling nonstop for 15 years. It’s literally been the first month in 15 years that I stayed at the same place -  same timezone. It has been great, honestly - making the most of this situation to make up for all the lack of sleep, re-charging my batteries and taking care of myself. I actually love it. Some cool projects coming out too, so can’t complain!

Congratulations on your new podcast. How long has this been in the works?

Thanks, my friend. I appreciate it! We have been working on it for six months. I’m producing the content with my production company - ASI Media - as well, so it’s been pretty hectic.

Was this whole venture your idea?

The idea came together with Red Bull. Podcasts are obviously killing it right now and Red Bull did not have any kind of audio-related content at the time. They asked me if I had some ideas for it and the What Does It Take project started like this. Very organically - a few meetings here and there and that was it.


What exactly is Red Bull’s involvement here?

Red Bull is linking me with outstanding athletes and giving me their massive communication assets. They also hooked me up with a journalist course that I took in London and are giving me financial support to help produce this content. So, yeah - they are massively involved in it.

Will there be a video version of the podcast or is it audio-only?

We recorded both video and audio of the podcast. The audio version will be available on all podcast platforms - Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast. The video version will be available on my YouTube channel.

Was it your decision to not exclusively interview BMX riders?

Yes, it was. First and foremost, I wanted to give this podcast a wider reach than just the BMX community. Also, there are already a ton of great BMX podcast contest - yours, Dennis' Unclicked, Flatland Immersion - and I felt like I couldn’t really make a difference there. By interviewing a wider group of athletes, I can really ask what does it take to become an outstanding athlete - not only in BMX, but the whole sports community.

What goals do you have with this project?

My most asked question is, "How did you turn pro?" It’s ok to reply by the good old, "Be yourself and good things will happen," but fuck, man - that's not a pragmatic answer. So, my very first goal in this project was to answer that question in the most genuine way. Also, to inspire kids getting better at what they do. Inspire kids to get off their phones, go out, and ride their bike, skate their board, or whatever they are into. My second goal was to use my 15 years of professional career experience to interview athletes and try to get the most out of them.

They are definitely trusting me more than a random journalist and it shows in the podcast. 

They are giving me meaningful insight on their lives, training habits, fears... That’s really what I wanted. My other goal was to make a project that's not based only on me, but to make other athletes shine - and I hope that works out!


Will your guests exclusively be Red Bull athletes or are you free to interview whoever you want?

For the first season, it will be Red Bull athletes only. It’s definitely ok because some of the best athletes in the world are endorsed by Red Bull, so I have so much potential here!

What are some of the topics you plan to cover with your guests?

It’s basically a conversation between two homies, so a lot of topics are covered - training habits, nutrition, fear, contest pressure, video projects, always reinventing yourself, the day they turned pro… So many interesting subjects.

What are some podcasts that you enjoy and pull influence from?

I think Joe Rogan is really entertaining to listen to. Mark Hyman has a great nutrition podcast. Broken Brain podcast is awesome and I think Dennis is doing a great job with Unclicked, too. Hope he’s going to keep on doing these!

What kind of research do you do on your guests before sitting down with them?

It’s so much work, dude! Some of these athletes I knew before, some of them I didn’t, so it’s like watching videos of them, reading past interviews, creeping on their Instagram, and then putting together a list of questions that are gonna be interesting and different from what they have been doing so far. Red Bull has helped me learn how to do this and I’m so grateful for it.

Podcast host is a brand new role for you. How have you enjoyed the process so far?

It’s been awesome, dude. I’m in front of the camera and behind the camera. I’m producing these with my agent, Guillaume Valladeau, and my homies, you know, so it’s so much fun. Pierre Blondel is filming the podcast and the vlog, Daniel Spruegel is taking care of recording audio, Fujifilm is helping us with some gear. It’s overwhelming, but I love being overwhelmed. I love new things!


How long will each episode be?

Around one hour for the podcast and seven-or-eight minutes for the vlogs.

So far, what guests have you interviewed?

We basically took a discipline and took the best of the best of that discipline - Danny MacAskill - trial freestyle, Scotty James - snowboarder, Mike Horn - explorer, Justine Dupont - big wave surfer, Tom Pages - FMX... We have seven episodes in the box ready to go online!

Who do you hope to interview in the future?

Honestly, anybody who is interesting. Anybody that has his own way to look at things. Basically, anyone who’s down for it to find out what does it take to become incredible at what they do!

Who is your dream guest?

Travis Pastrana would be a fun one to interview, I’d say.

Where have you done the interviews?

We either go to the athlete's hometown or go to an event where they are competing. It’s a lot of traveling and logistics, but it makes it so much more special.

How will you balance this new project with your heavy travel schedule?

There are 24 hours in one day. That’s a lot of hours and you can always make more out of it than you thought!

When and where are episodes available?

New episodes every Wednesday at 6pm CET. The podcast will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spreaker - basically any podcast platform. The filmed version of the podcast and the vlog will be on my YouTube channel and on my IGTV and Facebook pages two days after. There will also be a landing page on for all the related content.


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