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Photos & Interview by Kyle Carlson

Michael Cleveland comes from a place where most of the bikes have motors and most of the hats have folded up bills. Mike's not normal. His bike is powered by his feet and his hats are made by New Era... and they always match his shirts and shoes. Most people knew Mike as "That kid who is always at Real Ride and is better than everyone else," but a lot has changed in the past year or so. After a year on Haro and a few good contest placings, Mike ended up on MirraCo and has been traveling more and riding better than ever.

How did you end up on the MirraCo team?
At the beginning of the year I wasn't sure who I was going to ride for and Dave offered me a ride on the team, so I told Haro and Dave's deal was better.

Mike Cleveland table tranny wall How does riding for MirraCo compare to riding for Haro?
Riding for such an established company as Haro was definitely an experience. Now, riding for MirraCo, which is gonna be the biggest company in the world, is going to be the experience of a lifetime.

Does MirraCo put pressure on you to do good at contests?
Not really, I know that they want us to do well but I know that's not what they're all about.

Is it true that Dave Mirra bought you a car?
No. I used to own a 2002 Ford Ranger and within the last year I had to spend a lot of money fixing stuff that shouldn't have broken. I was tired of fixing it all the time so I went and bought a new car; it just so happened to be around when I started riding for MirraCo.

What bike are you riding right now?
I'm riding a Mirraco Fivestar pro model.

What do you do for a job?
I detail sold cars from Norm Reeves Chrysler/Jeep in Temecula, CA.

How do you manage to make it to all of the contests while keeping a full-time job?
My boss Kali is really cool about giving me time off to go ride and compete.

Would you like to not work and only ride?
I don't know. When I didn't work I would sit around all day and not do anything, then I would go ride for a little while. But, when I work all day, by the time I get off all I want to do is go ride. It would be cool to not work and just be able to ride, but I would just like to not work as much.

On average, how many times a week do you get to ride?
I ride almost every day.

Where do you usually ride?
Real Ride Skatepark, Point X Camp, a few concrete parks, and my friend Jameson's mini ramp every now and then.

Mike Cleveland tailwhip dropDo you ever ride street?
Do elephants fly? No, I ride street maybe one time every few months.

Have you considered moving out of Southern California?
There are a couple of places I have wanted to move but I just like it in Southern California too much, so I'm staying here for now.

If you married your girlfriend and she took your last name, what would her name be?
Her name would be the same as mine. (His girlfriend's name is also Michael)

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Finish going to the comps this year, film for a couple of things, try to grow a mustache, and have fun riding my bike with my friends.


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