Mike Gray found himself a home on Haro Bikes shortly after his former sponsor (Diamondback) left the BMX realm. I think it's safe to say that Mike is adjusting well to his new ride. Take a closer look at Mike's Haro / Demolition setup along with some insight from the man himself.

Frame: Haro "SDV2" (20.8 TT)
Forks: Haro "Lineage"
Bars: Premium "CK" (8.5 Rise)
Stem: Demolition "Top Lodes"
Grips: Sensus "Swayze"
Seat: Demolition / Markit Tripod Combo
Post: Demolition / Markit Tripod Combo
Cranks: Demolition "Revolt" (175mm)
Sprocket: Demolition "Mugatu"
Pedals: Premium plastic pedals
Hubs: Demolition "Rotator" Freecoaster in back, Demolition "Ghost" front hub.
Rims: Demolition "Zero" rims front and back
Tires: Demolition "Machete" (2.35)
Pegs: Demolition "Dumbchuck" plastic pegs

How are you liking the SDV2 frame and is this the same one you've been running since getting on Haro?
Yes the SDV2 is the first bike I've been running since Haro began. I love it. Best bike I have ever owned. The geometry is perfect and I finally have a bike I feel safe on when I'm jumping it to flat or over a big gap.

How long have you been on a freecoaster, and what are your thoughts on it now that you've had some time with it?
I've been on a coaster for almost a year now and I can't see myself ever changing or going back to a cassette on my BMX. Putting on the coaster is one of the best decisions i've made. I really do have a lot more fun and interest riding with it, and it has opened a lot of new doors to new trick possibilities.

Any idea what your bike weighs?
22-23lbs ish

You were recently announced as the newest Demolition rider, how's that been going? Is it a Pro deal?
Yes, I still cant believe it sometimes. I've always wanted to ride for Demolition. I am a part of the Am squad. It's a total dream to be a part of something so many legends stand behind and take part of.

Any projects currently in the works?
At the moment i'm working on videos for both Haro and Demolition. Those are my two main filming focuses right now and i'm really hyped on how they're coming along. Besides that, there's always the odd project that comes around in-between my time focused on those previously mentioned projects.

Plans for the summer?
My plans for the summer are to continue filming, travel home to Toronto, hit up a few contests, and I also have a couple trips in the works. I'm really excited for what is to come in the near future.

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  • Brayden_Buckingham

    5/23/2014 8:34 PM

    How is he only on AM?