Mike Varga's Titanium Bike

As crazy as it sounds, not having a bike sponsor has its perks. Mike Varga recently embraced freedom and built up his dream bike - and it's made of titanium. Take an up-close look at his super-light Lairdframe build and learn about how titanium is treating him so far. 


Frame: Titanium Lairdframe

Fork: Kink CST

Bars: Kink Grizzly

Grips: Eclat

Barends: Kink Lightest

Stem: Haro topload

Headset: Random

Cranks: RNC Titanium 165mm

Bottom Bracket: Random 

Sprocket: RNC Titanium

Chain: Shadow Interlock V2

Pedals: Premium Slim

Seat: Stranger Piston

Front Wheel: Profile. All titanium with titanium spokes and allow nipples laced to an Alienation Deviant

Rear Wheel: Profile with titanium driver, titanium bolts, titanium spokes, and allow nipples laced to an Alienation Runaway

Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter 2.3"

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter 2.1"

Brakes: Eclat

Lever: Odyssey Small Monolever

Cable: Odyssey

Pegs: RNC Titanium

Weight: 19lbs flat!




Give us a rundown of your frame specs… 

It has a 20.6" top tube with a 12.7" rear end, small stand-over, and 75.5° head tube. It's super small and agile. Absolutely love this frame!

It seems like you hand-picked each of these parts. Would you say this is your “dream setup?”

Definitely a dream set up. I’ve wanted a titanium frame for years and I finally have the ability to build my entire bike with all of my favorite parts and specs. That is my dream build -  for now. Haha!


How long have you been on a titanium frame? How do you like it?

I've been riding the ti frame for a few months now and it makes a big difference. It's very light in the air, but not noticeable just riding on flat. It's a very weird experience when the box comes in - it feels empty! Haha.

What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed since making the switch?

Faster spins. It's easier to maneuver around - it's 2lbs lighter. It makes riding more fun!

Aside from the incredibly high price, do you see any downsides to the ti frame?

If you break it, you're down $4,000 - haha. Besides that, no! 

If the bike holds up, it's no different than any other frame. The only downside is you have to keep your eye on this thing. She's pricy and flashy.

How important is keeping your bike light to you? 

I have a recurring hernia, so yes - the lighter the better it is on my stomach. It causes less strain and pain from moving the bike around - much less stress trying to twist fast with a light bike.

What are your thoughts on riding ti bars or ti forks? 

That kinda scares me, but I’d give it a go. Breaking a frame is one thing, but bars or forks breaking could be real bad. Very iffy topic...


What’s the oldest part on your bike?

Oldest part would be my seat post. Everything is fresh other than the three-year-old seat post.

What part do you end up replacing the most? 

Usually bearings, grips, pedal pins, and tubes.

Any changes on the horizon or is this bike here to stay? 

Nope, nothing! Haha. As of now, I’ll be representing myself for a bike brand!

How’s everything else going? Are you still dealing with crazy lockdowns?

Yes, sir - the craziest! If we go anywhere out of province, we have to quarantine for two weeks at home upon returning. They keep extending quarantine past the deadline and don’t seem to want to end it.


Are you able to ride anything other than your personal ramp right now?

A few local parks are weird. There are signs saying "PARK CLOSED," but people still ride. Tickets could be handed, out but police seem to stay away.

What do the next few months have in store for you? 

Practice and have as much fun as possible. Working on the YouTube and a new video projects starting very soon!

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