Morgan Wade's New Signature Frame - 7.6lbs of Pure American Muscle

Who wants a 7.6lb frame in 2020? Morgan freaking Wade, that's who! Hoffman just dropped an extremely limited run of Morgan's first signature frame from the brand and - much like Morgan himself - this thing looks ready for anything you can throw at it. We caught up Morgan to discuss heavy frames, big airs, and good times. Check it - 


Morgan - you’re a grizzled veteran of the BMX game. This isn’t your first signature frame. What makes this one special?

This one is special because - holy crap! I have a signature frame from Hoffman Bikes! Haha. That is literally every kid that grew up in the “mid-school” BMX era’s dream! And I’m still just a kid that loves riding BMX, so it’s still my dream!

How long have you been riding for Hoffman?

I've been riding for Mat for seven years now! It definitely doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. How can you beat riding for your hero?

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s address the elephant in the room. A 7.6lb frame being released in 2020. Why?

Don’t act like you at shocked at something in 2020! Haha. That was actually the same thing I thought when I heard the weight. I’m gonna weigh it again just to make sure! I’m running the prototype right now and it is almost exactly the same as the run we just did. My bike’s total weight built is right around 24-25lbs. That being said, my bike has almost always been about that weight - the late 90s and early 2000s were and exception. It’s really just what you want to run and what feels good under your paws! 

Personally, I don’t really like a super light bike. It feels too twitchy in the air. A little bit of weight helps you glide instead of flutter! 

Also, the weight of a frame is taken with nothing on it - meaning brake mounts and tabs. My frame has welded on tabs because they are better! So, no matter how you look at it, it’s gonna weigh a little more than what the catalogs tell you any other generic trendy frame weighs. In the end, it is what it is and it doesn’t bother me at all, so we good!



When is the last time you had a frame that weighed in this high?

Could be right now because I’ve been running this prototype since early November! Honestly, I never weighed it before putting it together and, because I didn’t know, it actually felt exactly the same! If I remember correctly, my old Mutiny Captain frame was in that neighborhood, though!

Is the weight incredibly noticeable to you? 

Negligible at best, considering I had no idea!

What were Mr. Hoffman’s thoughts on making such a heavy frame? Knowing what he’s into, I’d image he was fully supportive…

Honestly, I think he feels the same way about it that I do! It’s “Freestyle BMX," not “copy the cool kid BMX." 

If I only did what I saw other people doing, my little slice of the BMX story would look a lot different!

Again, that being said, we might use some butted tubing if we do more so they will come in a little lower on the scale.

Give us a rundown of the other specs and what feel you were going for with your design...

Number one goal was strength and function. I don’t want a weak bike under me! That’s why we went with gussets both at the top and bottom of the head tube. It’s not fun when the head tube pops off! Haha. This run was all 21” top tube because that what I run. Head tube angle is 75°, bottom bracket height is 11.5" - so the cranks sit slightly higher than the Bama frame. I like the way it feels pumping through a transition being just a little higher. It might be a placebo, but I feel like I can pump harder. The rear end is 13.75" slammed and - one of the things I’m most stoked on - built in chain tensioners! They actually account for a little bit of the weight because we had to make the dropouts wider so they would fit. I also wanted fully welded on brake mounts on the chain stays. The only part that is removable is the gyro tabs, for if you want to run a straight cable. And, the brakes are on the chain stays because brakes work a lot better down there than up top!




Who made this batch of frames?

Scott Myers (@smracecars) did a stellar job on these and the prototype that I’m running right now! 

You’ve had some pretty colorful bikes over the years. What made you go with raw here?

The number one reason we went with raw was to show off the craftsmanship that Scott put into the welds! I’m pretty into weld-porn. Haha! Mmmmm... Love me some sexy welds! If there’s one thing I am not worried about on these frames, it’s the welds!

I know you’re a very proud American. Is riding a USA-made bike important to you?

In this day and age, it is something to be proud of. But, that being said, the quality that Taiwan has been putting out for years is still top notch! But yes, it does make me smile to have a USA-made frame!


Was the incredibly limited run part of the plan or just the way everything worked out?

It’s all a part of the... plan? Haha!

I know you mentioned more may be coming in the future. What’s the deal here?

We are looking at some options. There will be more info on that soon.

Will the next batch have the same specs? Will any other sizes or colors be available?

Those are all details that will be worked out!



Are any of your Hoffman teammates on a Wade frame yet?

Not yet, but the year is young... ish! Haha.

Aside from the new frame, how is everything else going? Have you been able to ride much considering all of the madness that has overtaken the world this year?

I really haven’t been able to ride as much as I would like, but Sam Bowman, Koji, and myself did a show for a crowd of people sitting in their cars all parked around the ramps.

It was weird, but somehow, it kind of worked! 30+ cars all honking their horns at the same time is enough to drown out pretty much any music!

Anything else exciting on the horizon?

I have plans to build a backyard setup that is loosely inspired by Big Boy’s ramp in Florida. Should be a ton of fun if I can get it all to line up and happen! 2020 is full of curve balls though, so who the heck knows!

Assuming it’s able to happen, will we see you back at Battle of Hastings?

I think it would be fun to go! It was a party for sure! 


Any final thoughts? The floor is yours!

Who thinks we should have a Mega Ramp doubles comp where we have to ride the ramp at the same time? Hahaha. What a bad idea... or is it!?

For more on Morgan's new signature frame, check out Hoffman's site!

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