New Vital BMX Video: Asian X Games 
New Vital BMX Video: Asian X GamesClick here to watch the Asian X Games video.

We posted over 60 photos from the Asian X Games on Friday night, and now we have an exclusive video from the event thanks to Leigh Ramsdell. There are plenty of big names featured (Kagy, Dhers, Wicke, Millar, McCann, McCoy, Spinner, etc.) plus a couple of riders from Thailand that will blow you away. Highlights from the event are listed below, and make sure to check out the photos in case you haven’t seen them yet.

Click here to see over 60 photos from the 2007 Asian X Games.

The Asian X Games just wrapped up in Shanghai, China, and it was a great event for BMX. We will have a full-on video from the event headed your way soon, but in the meantime, here are some highlights along with a bunch of cool photos from the contest.

Vert Highlights
- Chad Kagy was killing the vert ramp from the second he dropped in. Since last year he’s added a couple of feet to his airs (somehow), and beating him this year is going to take some work. You name it, Chad does it—the guy is amazing.
-Zack Warden was the surprise of the vert comp with huge airs and unreal tricks. Living at Woodward has turned him into an all-around shredder, and since he’s only 18, expect him to be around for quite a long time.
-Dennis McCoy refuses to take it easy. He did the highest 540 of the contest and upped the ante with a truck-five, and some big flairs, too.
-Ben Snowden finally looks comfortable in a full face and was the only one flowing the ramp both ways nonstop with variations that fill the entire run.
-Tim Wood did a no-handed 540 but wound up dying on a turndown-540. He gave a 900 a go, but he slid out—luckily he was still walking after the comp.
-Jan Valenta almost pulled a barspin-flair on vert, and pulled a nice superman-seatgrab.
- Kiattichai Wanitsakun pulled a perfect double-whip, and it was a sign of things to come on Park.

Park Highlights:
-Two brothers made it into the finals from Thailand (Chokchai Wanitsakul and Kiattichai Wanitsakun) and Kiattichai got second. He did the biggest front flips of the weekend, and had a lot of people comparing him to Daniel Dhers. If this guy can make it to more comps, you’re going to hear a lot about him.
-Chad Kagy always kills it on vert, but he rode park also and rode great (he pulled a huge flip-whip over the box, and some cool street feeble lines that no one was expecting).
-Nick Richardson had some stylish moves and widest bars of the event. Toboggan 180s over the spine, clicked lookback 540s, great style—he had them all.
-Kenji Tsurta showed up with bright-ass yellow rims and had the dope style and tricks you’ve come to expect from him.
-Mike Spinner pulled a 720-turndown over the box and a double-whip-360 over the spine. He has those tricks so dialed that it’s ridiculous.
-Ben Snowden flowed with tons of back to back tricks, and spent a lot of his free time shopping and riding the massive SMP park—good man.
-Zack Warden is coming up in a hurry. He did a perfect bike flip where he just slapped the seat as it came around, and he started his runs of with a cool bunnyhop-whip drop in. Zack is not afraid of anything.
-Steve McCann did some amazing, slow 720s, double-whipped the quarterpipe, and pulled a perfect flip-whip over the spine.
-Another gold for Daniel Dhers who it appears cannot be stopped. He is nonstop with ridiculous tricks from the beginning to end of his runs. He had the contest completely won with the score from his first run, but he still went nuts in his second run and got an even higher score. Is he the only rider with front flips dialed over a spine?

All in all it was a great contest. Check out the photos and watch for the video this weekend.

Park Results
1. Daniel Dhers
2. Kiattichai Wanitsakun
3. Steve McCann
4. Zack Warden
5. Ben Snowden
6. Mike Spinner
7. Chad Kagy
8. Kenji Tsurta
9. Nick Richardson
10. Chokchai Wanitsakul

Vert Results
1. Chad Kagy
2. Zack Warden
3. Dennis McCoy
4. Ben Snowden
5. Steve McCann
6. Tim Wood
7. Jan Valenta
8. Kiattichai Wanitsakun
9. Nick Richardson
10. Clint Millar


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