Nick Bruce Experiences Enarson's Ramp

Nick Bruce has a warehouse full of contest-style ramps in Ohio. Dennis Enarson has a super technical bowl-esque setup in California. Pretty different, right? During a quick trip to San Diego, Nick made it a point to stop by Dennis' place and check out his new creation. While the session wasn't a long one, he was still able to throw down a few bangers and take in the experience. Check out what he thought...



What was your first impression of Dennis’ ramp?

My first impression was... Wow! Dennis and Jason killed it with everything on this ramp. It's way more technical than I imagined!

As far as large, wooden ramps go, this is pretty much the polar opposite of your setup at home. Were there any similarities?

The feeling of the big box and big quarters were the closest feeling to home, but without the resi, of course. Also, each ramp on Dennis’ has a different transition - in a strategic way - making it feel kind of like a wooden bowl. 


Once you put your tires on it, what’d you think?

I immediately realized how gnarly of a ramp it is! It’s hard to tell just watching clips over the internet. This ramp setup is serious!

Have you ever ridden anything like this before?

Honestly, it reminds me of a much larger version of my friends Tom and Will Morris’ backyard ramp I grew up riding in Ohio because of how technical and fun it is with the different lines, pockets, and the curved wall. You kind of have to know exactly where you were going at all times...


We only popped in for a short time. Are there more things you’d like to do here?

Yes! We had a short session and battled the sun in my eyes in the beginning. A few more hours to feel it out would have been a game changer. It’s a technical ramp and there are definitely some lines on it that look like fun. But, I still had a blast on the box and big quarters! 

You’ve watched the a lot of the footage that came from this place. Was anything that went down on this ramp more impressive after seeing it in person?

Literally everything Dennis, Corey, and Jason did in the Vans video is now ten times more insane and impressive than it already was in the first place. The whip gap Dennis did, Jason’s 360 transfers, Corey’s lines - so much precision and the perfect pump is needed to do anything on this ramp.


You did your first flip windshield wiper to wood during your session here. What made you throw that down? 

I’ve been doing them on resi a lot at home and the box on this ramp is big and friendly, so it felt like it was time to throw one down on wood.

Any plans to come back?

I really hope so! I'd like to spend some more time on the ramp. Plus, riding with Dennis and some locals would make for a totally different session on the ramp!


Your session ended with vomiting. Is this normal for you? It wasn’t normal for me to experience...

I honestly think it was our lunch and dehydration. But, with that said, it’s not a normal thing. I can’t remember when the last time I vomited before this one.

Dennis was out of town, but you did get to encounter Mom and Dad Enarson. Did you approve?

I approve. They were extremely welcoming and friendly, not to mention very helpful with the vomit situation - haha! Thank you for the saltines and peppermint essential oils, Darcey! 

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