Nick Bruce's Brand New Training Facility

Nick Bruce's Brand New Training Facility

Nick Bruce has talked about wanting his own private training facility for years. So much, in fact, that it got a bit annoying. Being the pessimistic person that I am, I assumed it would never happen and was simply a fantasy that lived inside of Nick's head. Well, I was wrong. Nick recently put in the time, found the perfect warehouse, and pulled the trigger. As I sit here and eat my words, check out your favorite vegan's brand new paradise and hear what he has to say about it!


Congratulations on the new skatepark. I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. What made you finally pull the trigger and make it happen?

Thank you so much! I’m so psyched. I immediately felt the urge after China when I had the time and resources to focus on finding and building a spot. I’ve wanted a place to ride bigger ramps regularly and not have to worry about traveling to other parks or contests to do so. I also didn’t want to have to move away from Cleveland, so creating my own spot here was the best solution.

Does it have a name yet?

It does not yet. It’s a tough decision. I keep calling it Cloud Ten because it’s loosely based off of Woodward’s Cloud 9. Someone named it The Bald Spot on Instagram and that keeps me laughing!


The warehouse looks pretty wild. Where is it exactly? 

It’s a big industrial building a few minutes east of downtown in Cleveland, Ohio.

Did you have a hard time finding the right location?

It was very hard finding the right spot. I’ve always looked online, but when it came down to actually finding one, it took many hours of calling and e-mailing different brokers and building owners. They would either not get back to me at all or would only have buildings with ceilings much lower than what I was looking for. Most buildings with high ceilings were way bigger than I actually needed. My girlfriend actually found this location on Facebook Marketplace. 

It seemed sketchy and like a last resort type-of-thing, but when we got to see it, it was perfect for what I wanted.

How much space do you actually have?

I have five-thousand square feet of space with a ceiling clearance of twenty-six to thirty feet.


How long did you lease the space for?

I signed a two year lease to start. My landlord is super cool. He was hoping I’d sign a four year agreement. He even put up brand new lights and outlets in my space before I even signed anything. He seems really happy to have me in there.

You have two pretty awesome parks in your area - Chenga and Ray’s. What do you hope to get out of your new spot that you can’t get at either of these places?

Chenga and Rays are amazing. The problem was I was getting too close to the ceilings with certain tricks at both parks. Without having to worry about that at my new spot, it will hopefully give me room to try harder tricks and practice ones that I would either have to wait to do at an event or take a trip to Woodward to do. I love Chenga and Ray’s and plan to still ride them during the week, too.

Who did the build?

For most of it, myself and my friend Paul Radosevich - who builds and works at Ray’s. He allowed me to keep his tools in the warehouse and use them every day, which was amazing. I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you, Paul! My dad, brother, and Gary - a family friend - all helped me frame up stuff and build the vert wall. I had Cory Wiergowski and his company - Ramped Construction - come out for a few days to knock out the big ten-foot quarter and spine resi set up. Jay Scott - a super cool trail dude from Pittsburgh - came up for four days and helped me build the massive step up piece. Marcus Christopher and his dad came up to help put on the resi and my friends Tyler Trueman, Tommy Crail, and Jay Dalton helped wrap up a few things!


Cleveland winters are for real. How cold is it in there?

You can see your breath - hahaha. It’s pretty cold. It holds the outside temperature from the last couple of days, but once you start riding, it feels normal, to be honest. It will be a complete sauna during the summer, so I’m excited for that!

Tell us about the ramps - what all do you have in there?

Mostly tall resi stuff. A six-foot resi box, seven-foot quarter to resi, six-foot resi spine, ten-foot vert quarter to resi, a massive six-and-a-half-foot tall step up lip to a seven-foot tall deck with a four-foot landing, six-foot quarterpipe on top, roughly an eighteen-foot vert wall with a seven-foot quarter next to it, and a four-foot driveway box for speed.

Do you plan to add anything else?

Yes. Eventually, a wallride behind the quarter set-up - maybe a slanted wall or other random objects I can add on top of the driveway box. I don’t know, hahaha. Maybe I’ll switch the set up in a year to add a hip somewhere. Oh, I’m going to add a basketball hoop to help us warm up as well!

It’s really none of my business, but I have to ask - did you pay for this yourself or did sponsors make it happen?

I paid for all of it myself. 

In a way, my sponsors made it happen - from saving their monthly checks. Podium bonuses from events helped a lot as well. To be honest, I didn’t approach anyone for help, though. Rockstar mentioned possibly branding the ramps because Marcus Christopher and I will be riding in there a lot. Details are still in the works, but anything from them would help!


What do you hope to get out of this venture?

New trick progression, a better home and riding schedule, becoming more comfortable on bigger ramps, fun with friends, and giving others the chance to ride big ramps that they don’t typically get to ride!

Does this private facility mean that you’re FINALLY going to have the flair windshield wiper on lock?

Ha! That is a goal. The quarter resi feels amazing and I don’t have a real excuse to not do it in there as often as I can, so we’ll see!

Who is welcome to ride here?

For now, mainly just friends and people that I know. I have to keep it private.

In February of 2021 - after one year of being a warehouse boss - what will be different about Nick Bruce?

Nick Bruce will be a stronger rider, a more responsible man on and off the bike, wiser with money, and a fun ramp facility host after one year as a warehouse boss.

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