Nike Steps Away from BMX 13

Nike Steps Away from BMX
Multiple sources confirm that the Nike BMX program as we know it is coming to an unfortunate end. 

The writing was on the wall (no pun intended) when the entire European team was not re-signed in July of this year. 

Shortly after, Garrett Reynolds’ contract expired and he was not re-signed. Chad Kerley was up next and met the same fate.

Dennis Enarson’s contract expires at the end of this month. As of this very moment, he’s still a Nike athlete, but all signs point to that wrapping up as of November first. 

Now, a strange curveball to the situation - Nigel Sylvester will continue to be a part of Nike. No official word on what that exactly entails, but expect him to still be reppin’ the Swoosh moving forward. 

Only one of these recently-departed riders has secured a new sponsorship and you can expect to hear all about that very soon. For the time being, the others remain free agents - which speaks loudly of the current lack of shoe brands supporting BMX.

It’s never great to see a large brand stepping away from BMX, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before and it’s nothing we won’t see again in the future. Time rolls on, BMX kicks ass, and you can bet your last dollar that you won’t be seeing any less of Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, and Dennis Enarson. 


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kylecarlson kylecarlson 10/30/2018 6:00 AM

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So Nike is doing the exactly same thing they did with the Nike SB snowboard team.
They created a Snowboot that was incredible, super cool and technically awesome. They signed some of the best mountain rippers out there, and suddenly without any reason, they dropped the whole team and closed the whole Snowboard division.
That season you only saw Nike SB boots, apparel, etc, so there was no reason for what they did.

At this moment, I don't ride any kind of shoes for the brand or the support to the bmx scene, I just tried some Vans Half cab, they fit me well, support my ankle and gave me nice pedal grip.

I think is more important feeling comfortable on the apparel/bikes/etc you ride than the brand they made them

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Nike is about the money, period. Just look at the uproar over their recent marketing campaign featuring Kaepernick. Whether you agree with it or not, they knew it would bring controversy but that didn't matter because they also knew it would translate into sales. So when the BMX line wasn't generating the profits they wanted, they cut the line.

In regards to the Nigel shoe, all they did was let him "design" an Air Jordan 1, as in choose the colorways, mess with the swooshes, and make it look distressed. Then they slapped a $180 price tag on it which nearly doubles the average Air Jordan 1 price of $90-110.

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It isn't really a surprise since nike is not a BMX brand. When a Brand that was born on BMX leaves BMX, it's because of something serious, but when some 'outside' company gets into BMX, the minute some small problem arrives, the first thing they do is shut down BMX...

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Lmfao, I remember back when Levi’s suddenly stopped sponsoring BMX..... and my boy Pete went down the Levi’s store- stuck his d*ck in the circular clothing rack and took a piss all over their jeans. I don’t know what he’s gonna do when he hears this... ? ?

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When i started riding you were immediately labeled a fucking pussy and a poser if u wore Nike, because it wasn't a true skate or BMX brand. Aannnnnd This is why. Nike never gave a shit about BMX. They Prob dont give a shit about skating either, just the $$$$

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More likely Nike dropped bmx because dumb ass bmx kids did stupid stuff like that instead of supporting a brand that supports riders.

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Okay. Great support. Sooo, you're blaming the riding community? Okaaay then.
Annnd meanwhile, You're still mad at people wearing skinny jeans Lol. Old man take a look at my life, im a lot like you were.

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Hey Kyle, you said "which speaks loudly of the current lack of shoe brands supporting BMX." SCg has always supported BMX since day one, since 1999. We've always had a small team because thats the economics of it unfortunately. We can't afford to pay riders a salary but we've offered commissions on sales ect, but we've always had a team and have always supported as many riders, contests and jams that we could. What of BMX supporting BMX shoe brands? What of the BMX magazines support for BMX shoe brands? When was the last time any of the magazines or editors gave coverage or an interview to a brand or riders for brands thats not riding for some paying advertisers? I can say this, and I know i've talked with you about it years ago, but with SCg, its the first bmx rider owned shoe company, rider operated, and none of the main stream magazines, web mag, ect have ever sat down for an interview, or wanted to do anything to help promote a bmx shoe company because we are not a paying advertiser. Hope you are great and enjoy your trip my man.. Nothing but love from this side of things..

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I assure you that wasn’t directed at you - it was a comment based on DC / Ipath / Osiris / DVS / and now Nike no longer supporting BMX teams, Orchid disappearing, Etnies cutting back, Lotek / Almond bring a mystery, etc. The bottom line is that the shoe game in BMX isn’t what it was six years ago.

Keep fighting the good fight. It’s a jungle out there, but I’m stoked you’re still pushing forward.

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Nothing but love my man.. I know you weren't directing anything at us, but how about some love from time to time. Some help to push BMX in the direction of BMX companies. smile Lets do some collabs on some give aways, product reviews, some coverage for the lesser known brands in BMX that have been too small to afford to pay for ads. That kinda stuff. Hope you're great my man.

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