If The Olympics Happened Today, These Would Be Your 9 Riders 2

Based on UCI rankings in relation to individual nations, these riders would be battling it out for a gold medal

If The Olympics Happened Today, These Would Be Your 9 Riders

BMX park is in The Olympics. Everyone knows that by now. It’s awesome! But, with 2020 right around the corner, we still don’t know the entire process of athlete selection. Simply for the sake of speculation, I’ve compiled a list of who I believe would compete in The Olympics if it were to take place today based on what we know. Dig in - 

1. Daniel Dhers - Venezuela


Daniel is currently the number one rider in the UCI rankings. He’s also the only rider currently competing from Venezuela. If he can stay anywhere near this top position for the foreseeable future, he’ll definitely be competing in Tokyo.

2. Brandon Loupos - Australia


Brandon is currently ranked number two in the UCI rankings and is the highest ranking Australian rider. It’s going to be a tight race between Brandon, Logan Martin, and Kyle Baldock (if he chooses to pursue a spot), but, as of now, Brandon is the guy. 

3. Kostya Andreev - Russia


Kostya is the highest ranking Russian rider and currently sitting in third in the overall UCI rankings. With other Russian badasses like Irek Rizaev and Alex Nikulin actively competing (and riding incredibly well), this is going to be quite competitive. However, based on his tenure and consistency, my money is on Kostya to be the guy.

4. Daniel Sandoval - USA


The California native is sitting in 4th overall and is the highest ranking rider from the United States. As time progresses, I see it being a tight race between Daniel, Nick Bruce, and Colton Walker for the US spot, which could really go any which way. All of these guys are riding incredibly well and keeping busy on the competition circuit. 

5. Alex Coleborn - UK


Alex Coleborn is currently sitting in 8th overall (behind Irek Rizaev, Logan Martin, and Colton Walker), but is the highest ranking rider from the UK. The next UK-based rider in the rankings in Jack Clark, who is sitting at 19th. I see Coleborn holding onto this position and think it’s very likely we’ll see him in Tokyo.

6. Marin Ranteš - Croatia


Croatia’s number one rider is currently sitting in 13th overall spot and, at this time, is the only Croatian rider in the rankings. I basically consider last year Marin’s first as a legitimate competitor and he’s come a long way sense. He recently turned 22-years-old and has a big future in BMX ahead of him.

7. Kenneth Tencio - Costa Rica


Right behind Ranteš in the 14th spot is Costa Rica’s Kenneth Tencio. Like Marin, Kenneth is the only ranked rider from his nation. I don’t foresee any other Costa Ricans reaching Kenneth’s level in the next couple of years, so I think his spot in Tokyo is likely.

8. Michael Beran - Czech Republic


Prague-based Michael Beran is the highest ranking Czech rider and currently sits in the 15th spot. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised to be writing Michael’s name on this list. He recently parted ways with all of his sponsors and took some time away from competing, But, based on the past few months, it seems like he’s not going anywhere. There are a lot of great riders in the Czech Republic, but I have learned better than to doubt Beran. 

9. Colton Walker - USA or Drew Bezanson - Canada



When I interviewed Bart de Jong from the UCI around a month ago, he mentioned that there may be nine riders from different nations or seven riders from different nations plus two riders from the highest ranking nation competing in Tokyo. As of this article, we don’t know anything more about which way they will go. If it’s from a separate nation, it would be number one Canadian Drew Bezanson. Even while sidelined with a nasty knee injury, Drew is still sitting in the 20th overall spot. If the highest ranking nation sends two riders, my thoughts are - as of right now - that nation would be the United States. In the top 50 riders, 11 are from the US, making it the most successful country on the UCI list. Next in line would be the UK, with only 6. Colton Walker is the number two American rider (currently sitting in 7th) and he would be the man for the job.

There ya have it. Like I mentioned, this is simply speculation and speculation is really, really fun. Numerous other factors could be included (local events scoring points for a country’s federation, the IOC wanting to include more diverse nations, etc), but based on what we know so far, these would the competitors. 

What do you think?

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