One Crazy Freakin' Circus

One Crazy Freakin' Circus

Mat Hoffman’s annual Crazy Freakin’ Bikers contest went down June 2-4, and it was hot—literally. Oklahoma City tried to kill the riders with ridiculous temperatures, but you just can’t stop the BMX. In fact, the CFB produced what could be called one of the craziest dirt contests ever. The course was a six-pack with huge landings and ended on a hip, and the circus tricks were flying over every set. Double-whips, flip-whips, 720s, double-whip-360s, front-flip variations—you name it. Watching qualifying was one of the most amazing dirt scenes I’ve ever witnessed because it took everything every rider could muster make it into the finals.Cameron White proved that not only does he have the hardest tricks, but he has the consistency to pull them run after run, and that resulted in him taking home the dirt win.

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Cam Whie double-whipThe park comp was held in the OKC’s cement wonderland, and Nate Wessel added a few wooden items to make sure that no one had too much of a hometown advantage. The first thing you spotted when pulling up to the park was Noah’s Ark, a strange hip into and eight-foot quarter with a sub-style box eight feet up. The Ark may have been the first thing to get noticed, but right in the middle of the deep cement bowl was a six-foot wooden street spine. The spine provided for some wild moves, but some people complained about it more than they rode it.

The Park finals had plenty of big names going off, but this was Dave Dillewaard’s contest, hands down. Dave is so dialed that sometimes you forget how hard the tricks are that he’s doing. He went off run after run during the jam session finals, and he ended everything with a 360-tailwhip-tailtap over the spine to-barspin in—he could not be stopped.

We’ve got plenty of photos and video from the CFB for you to check out. Just be glad you’re watching it from the comfort of your air-conditioned room instead of baking in OKC like we were.

Chase Hawk alley-oop invertPSYCHOS AT THE CFB 

Every rider in the CFB had their share of wild moves, but a few guys deserve a little extra juice.

• During the dirt finals, Ryan Nyquist pulled a perfect nothing-backflip. He later said that he’s had them for a while, but didn’t want people to think he was trying to steal a trick from Adam Strieby and he wanted to give credit where credit was due. A few riders out there could learn a thing or two about etiquette from Mr. Nyquist.

• Colorado’s A.J. Anaya entered both dirt and park and rode like a man possessed. He does huge front-flips and double-whips, and since he’s brakeless, he has to be spot-on every time. Every time A.J. rode, everyone at the park smiled and cringed at the same time—he rules.

• During dirt practice, Ryan Guettler fired out his superman-seatgrab-to-tailwhip. He grabs the seat and then throws it into a whip! He crashed on one that kept him out of the dirt comp, but he still rose in park and proceeded to beat the crap out of himself. Guettler is not afraid.

• Everyone who thought Chase Hawk wasn’t worthy of the hype was proven wrong at the CFB. No one rode the course like Chase; he went so high and with so much style that he came incredibly close to winning.

Nasty front-flip • Cory Nastazio is on top of his game this year, and he was the only rider to backflip into the dirt roll-in. If Nasty pulls off some of the runs he’s been going for, this could be the year he takes home some gold (other than his fronts, or course).

• Expect big things this year from Anthony Napolitan. I know that’s a lofty phrase to throw out, but trust me, Anthony is ready to blow minds. How does this dirt run sound: tire-grab-to-no-handed-front-flip over the first set, double-whip over the second set, and double-whip-360 over the last set. The guy is for real.

• Diogo Canina is another one to keep an eye on. He’s got the boost, the tricks, and plenty of hair to go along with it.

To watch our CFB video , click this photo and enjoy.


Pro Dirt
1. Cameron White
2. Luke Parslow
3. Ryan Nyquist
4. Allan Cooke
5. Cory Nastazio
6. Chris Doyle
7. Diogo Canina
8. David Dillewaard
9. Anthony Napolitan
10.  Joey Marks
11.  Colin MacKay

Pro Dirt Best Trick
Ryan Nyquist—Nothing Backflip

Pro Dirt Tuff as Nails—
Joey "Whitesnake" Marks

Pro Park
1.  David Dillewaard
2.  Michael Cleveland
3.  Chase Hawk
4.  Diogo Canina
5.  Gary Young
6.  Brian Hunt
7.  Brian Foster
8.  Ryan Guettler
9.  Morgan Wade
10. Colin MacKay
11. Cameron Wood

Pro Park Best Trick
Gary Young—540-truckdriver-to-fakie on the step-up
Pro Park Best Line
Brian Foster—Giant boost from the spine into the volcano hip

Park WTF
Camron Wood—High-speed 360 from the deck into the deep bowl

Park Tuff as Nails
Ryan Guettler

Amateur Dirt
1. Lee Greaves
2. Tim Raymond
3. Virgil Owens
4. Atom Baker
5. Chris Malatesta

16 & Under Amateur Park
1. Brian Slaton
2. Jack White
3. Ahmad Khamis
4. Drew Jackson
5. Craig Doll

17 & Over Amateur Park
1. Tazz Hernandez
2. Jared Hindman
3. Broc Wormington
4. Jake Wright
5. Nick Stout

Girl's Park
1. Nina Buitriago
2. Caitlin Clark
3. Rose Huston
4. Natalie Wagoner
5. Christina Montes

Masters Class Park
1. Bryan Osborne
2. Clifton Sisk
3. Sam Lincoln
4. Michael Borg
5. Michael Martin

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