Paul Ryan rocks a small bike and a big beard. Check out his Mongoose Faction setup below along with some words from the man himself.

Name: Paul Ryan
Age: 25
Location: Liverpool U.K
Sponsors: Mongoose, The Shadow Conspiracy, Nike

Frame: Mongoose Fraction 20tt
Forks: Shadow Vultus
Bars: Shadow Local
Stem: Shadow Ravager
Grips: ODI
Cranks: Shadow Killer Cranks 165
Sprocket: Shadow Mutus Spline drive 25
Pedals: Shadow Ravager
Seat: Shadow Solus mid seat and post combo
Pegs: Shadow SOD 4
Front Wheel: Shadow Raptor hub laced to stub rim
Back Wheel: Shadow Raptor hub laced to Stun Rim
Front Tyre: 2.1
Back Tyre: 2.1
Chain: Shadow interlock V2
Mods: cut my bars down by about inch in a half.

Yo Paul, tell us a bit about your setup?

My bike is a pretty simple set up really. With not being one of the tallest people, keeping it short and sweet. I’m rocking a 20 inch top tube with a 13.25  rear end with 165 cranks and 8.5 bars it is quiet responsive when riding street or park, which is how i like it ha ha.

What is your favourite part on your bike?

I really like the 165 cranks stoked on these for sure. When you think of how tall and small all riders are but have all been riding the 175 cranks for years. I'm stoked shadow have these on the market.

Plastic or metal pegs?


Plastic or metal pedals?

Plastic - Who wants to lose a shin to a steal pedal

What part do you go through the most?

I’m not to sure, some months it could be pedals and some months it could be grips. It is hard to say really.

What is the oldest part on your bike?

On the current set up I've got now think it could be the stem.

Does your beard affect your riding?

Ha ha, I don't think so. If anything it is helping me over here in the U.K at this time of year keeping my face warm when out riding street haha.

If you could have a signature product what would it be?

It is a hard one to say as the are so many parts on a bike to choose from to add my only little touch. I’d like to have stem, maybe so I could make it a bit shorter or pedals. I’d like add my own little touches to stuff like that, I’d be stoked to work on any signature product!

Any Thanks?

Id like to thank everyone who has supported me on and off my bike. Huge thanks to Chris Mcardle, Ronnie Bonner, Achim Kujawski, and any everyone else who is part of Mongoose, Shadow, Nike, and all my friends and family of course!

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