Perris Benegas Signature Frame from Cult - a First for Women's BMX

Women riders have been conquering milestone-after-milestone in recent years and it was pretty clear that, sooner-than-later, we'd be seeing a woman rider with a signature frame for the first time. Well, that time is now and Perris Benegas' signature Cult frame was officially released this week. Perris worked closely with Cult to dial in angles and geometry that fit her high-speed, ride-everything style and she gives the finished product a giant happy face with coffee beans for eyes. 

Here's what Cult bossman Robbie Morales had to say about the release of Perris' frame and the brand's support of women's BMX - 

"Really stoked to give Perris Benegas her Signature frame, as well as a Hawk frame colorway for Angie Marino. It all happened naturally and we knew we had to nail the geometry to suit Perris' riding. As a brand, we look for style, passion, and progression, so it was an easy decision to back the women's riding movement."



We also caught up with Perris to learn a bit more about her frame, the process, and how she feels to be the first to check this achievement off the list for women's BMX - 

Congratulations on the new signature frame. When Cult initially extended this opportunity to you, did you realize it was a first for women’s freestyle?

No - I had no idea. I originally just thought, "what an honor!" Only recently have people been bringing this to my attention. I'm not sure if I'm the first; I'm just really happy to have my own frame with Cult. 


Now that this project has come to fruition, how does it feel? 

It feels great! Knowing that it's available in four sizes and not just my personal size is pretty awesome, too. Working with Cult for the past few years has been great in itself, but now having my own frame with them makes it all that much better.

What exactly did you want in your frame? Are you pretty particular about your specs and geometry?

Again, the frame comes in four sizes, but for me specifically, yes. I knew what I wanted and Robbie and Cult made it to my exact request. I've always prided myself on being able to ride street, trails, park - everything. I feel this frame checks all those boxes. It's light enough for my park riding and tricks, but strong enough to last if riding street only. Cult bikes have a good reputation for being strong, so I never worried about that part of it.



What was the design process like? 

It was very simple, to be honest. Robbie trusts me enough to know what I like is what works for me - but it's also nothing too crazy that no one else would like. It was me sending them my request and them saying, "Ok..we'll make it."

Is it everything that you ever dreamed of? 

I never dreamed of having my own frame. I had those “how cool would it be” thoughts. Not because I didn't think it was possible, but because I never really felt I needed it. Being on Cult was enough for me. I turned down a couple of other offers because I'm happy here with these guys. They treat me well. They understand and appreciate me. There's a level of respect here that I love. Now, me having a signature frame with them - I think it says a lot about Robbie and the brand itself. I feel like with Cult, it doesn't matter if you're male or female or if you ride park, street, or bowls. They support it all and do what they feel is right. It's great being a part of a brand that views BMX this way.  

What size do you ride?  

I ride the 20.25" toptube with the optional Super Booster Rocket Launchers.

Riders within the women's freestyle scene are always super supportive of one-another. How has the support been with your frame? Are a lot of ladies going to be picking these up? 

Ladies or men - I think both will like the frame. With four sizes available, anyone can ride it. Also, it was important to me that the colorway worked for everyone. Nothing too crazy. But, to answer your question, it would be awesome to see anyone riding the frame - would be a pretty massive honor. The support has be overwhelming with so many people congratulating me.

I know you had mentioned the graphics are really special to you. What’s the story behind them?  

My dad helped me with them. He was always one to draw ideas on paper and I remembered this. So, when it came time to create a graphic, I asked if he could help. 

Later, he told me it was a great and positive distraction for him as he was battling cancer at the time. Thankfully, both the graphics and my dad turned out great in the end. 

Thinking about it now, I'll always have this piece of history that we shared in this project. That makes me happy. Back to the graphics concept, I love coffee and I love smiley faces.  

Between women competing on giant stages, landing pro sponsorships with major companies, and getting signature products from top brands, the sport is far ahead of where it was just a few years ago. What do you see in the future of women’s freestyle? 

I'd like to see this continue. Going back to my comments on Cult - from the start, they saw me as a rider, not just as a female. I love that about them. I think the industry and sponsors are now starting to think this way too. Just look at the progression of the riding alone - pretty big steps have been made. Pro women are just riders and we're a goal or proof to the younger female riders that it's possible. I don't think anyone would argue that the sport needs more riders and more consumers - regardless of gender. Men, women, boys, girls - we're all just riders and I feel if we think this way, the sponsorships will stay and the potential to earn a living will get better too.


There are a whole lot of frames out there. Why should everyone buy yours?  

First, because it's Cult. I feel most already know how good Cult frames are. But, my frame specifically - it's a great riding frame that's light enough for the weight conscious park riders out there, but strong enough to ride everywhere else. It's a versatile frame that has a versatile look. Plus, who doesn't love coffee and smiles?

Visit Cult's site for more info on Perris' signature frame!

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