Photos & Text by Kevin McAvoy 

Terry Adams has made some pretty impressive things happen in his life. At a mere 22 years old, he’s already managed to travel to countless cities in nine different countries, earn victories in international pro flatland contests, and purchase his own trailer home in his hometown of Hammond, Louisiana. It’s hard to imagine what his goals were when he entered his first contest at the age of 12, but it’s safe to say that he’s accomplished more in ten years than many people ever do. We checked in with Terry to see what was left on his to-do list.

Plasma TVs, Flatland Tours, and Scaffolding

• I’d like to help flatland get the respect it deserves. My plan is to produce a huge flatland tour across the United States, stopping at shopping malls and nightclubs. I would like to bring three other riders with me, broadcasting the tour worldwide to make flatland grow and help people understand just how cool it is. This is actually in the works, so I’m hoping for this to happen within the next couple of years.
• I’d also like to run a clinic to teach kids how to get started in flatland. It’d be nice to have a huge building rented out and offer kids monthly memberships. They could have their own instructor to help them with what tricks to practice first. A lot of kids really don’t where to begin, so I would love to help the younger generation get started with some professional assistance. The goal above needs to happen first, though.
Terry Adams jump switch• I would love to have a plasma TV in every room of my house, even the bathrooms. I really love watching TV and I’ve always dreamed of having tons of plasmas, but mainly I think it would be cool just because people would think, “Plasma TVs in a trailer?” I really just want to look like a baller. I might even buy a $10,000 watch with diamonds around it and still go home every night to a house that’s held up on wheels.
• The whole Adams family works in the scaffolding industry in some way. All of my cousins build scaffolding, my Grandfather was the head of safety for Brand Scaffolding Company before he passed away, and even my only uncle works for Brand. One day after I’m done riding, I’d like to get a job building scaffolding, working with my family just to see what they’ve been doing all these years.
• Kids! I might want to have a set of those things one day. I’ve been seeing all these old people, and they have their kids taking care of them. I’m starting to realize that all of the work it takes to raise a baby will pay off because you have a family. A support system of love sounds like a good future for me, so I think it might not be such a bad idea to have a little Terry Jr. running around. I’ll make sure he gets everything he wants, because I see a lot of kids who have to watch the other kids have all the fun.

• I’d like to have my own show on MTV someday. I would want the show to focus on the lifestyle of flatlanders, and why and how they’ve been pushing the limits for so many years. I would love to educate the world about how flatland is more of an art form than a sport. I’d do interviews with different riders from around the world to show people that flatland is so “worldwide.” I guess my overall goal in life is to blow flatland up, any way, anyhow.


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