Reality Check: Shea Nyquist’s Bizarre Bikes  

Photos/video: Losey 

You would be hard pressed to find someone who has as much fun on a BMX bike as Shea Nyquist (yes, Ryan Nyquist’s brother). On a recent visit to The Unit in Greenville, NC, Shea gave us the details on two of his bikes: the Seat-Steer and the Tall Bike. I had fun cruising around on the Tall Bike, but watching Shea ride it on the ramps (and crash) was ridiculous. There are two videos in this story, so make sure to watch them both—Shea rules.

Reality Check: Shea Nyquist’s Bizarre Bikes

 Click to watch the Tall Bike video.


 Click to watch the Seat-Steer Bike video.

Make sure to check out all the photos of the bikes, too. These things are amazing.

PhotoPhotoClick either image to check the photos out.


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